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As I have been out of town for 6 weeks and knew that I would be traveling another 10 days after only 4 days at Vienna, I decided to save some money and allowed someone to take over my flat for two month. As some of you might know, after traveling a lot and not being at home, you just need a place where you feel comfortable. And I had not had that for a long time.

Every time I start a trip I used to write down my mother the dates of where I am approximately at what time. Now things seem so much easier, having Wifi all over the world makes me wanna use snapchat all the time and tell my friends and family where I am and what I do. But I also like telling long stories when coming home after a travel. Showing selected pictures, having my loved ones close to me. Chatting over a glass of wine or hot chocolate, reflecting what

Traveling also means to organize and to have a good overview while still not forgetting the most important things. And although we all know which these items are, there is always this one thing, when I go for a trip that I forget. Its my toothbrush. And I am sure there you know what I am talking of. The harder you try NOT to forget something, the more you can be sure, that in the end there is something missing.

OMG !!!!!! OK. I really did it – and no, it was not a weak moment, it was the very thing I wanted to do so long. Already last autumn I bought myself the Stefan Loose Sri Lanka travel guide and intended to go surfing over christmas and new years. Excited from the idea I tried to find someone who wanted to join me, but no one dared to take the step and actually book the flight, book the surf camp, just go. So I ended up unhappy and staying in Vienna again,

To travel has always been a big dream of mine. But I was more one of the shy people, who needed other people to support. I kinda had the feeling that I needed an outside opinion to be able to embrace myself and I often was, and still am, afraid of doing things ALONE. I needed that little push. Someone else to enter the room first. It was quite tough, and that´s why I dedicated a whole post on its own about that topic. So how did I ended up traveling

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