Yoga Classes

Let go of the limits you set yourself. 

Yoga and the yogic path are something so personal, so individual. As unique as you are. It is a gift to yourself. A place you can come to. A feeling of meditation and peace. Yoga is breathing and looking within, rather than looking around. Yoga is physical and mental. It is being there for yourself. 

Join me on the mat for a yoga class and your personal yoga journey. 

Yoga Class Vila do Bispo

Every Tuesday 4pm at Moinho Calmo - a Yin and Flow Yoga Class, drop in possible!

Yoga for Surfers

Online CoursesGet ready for your surf Trip or Holidays & After Surf Yoga Stretches - two pre-recorded Online Courses to do everytime, everywhere, as often as you want.
While teaching in Surfcamps I figured, that often people where not ready for their surf holidays. Struggles with poping-up, paddling, keeping the body centered and balanced where just some of the things they were missing. Moreover everyone longs for a good after surf stretch to give the muscles something back. This is why I created the Yoga for Surfers Online Courses.


  • When you’re tired and tense after work, there’s nothing better than a yoga session in the park. A few yoga poses and meditations later under the big old trees in Hans Donnerbergpark surrounded by birdsong, you can start the rest of the day relaxed. Highly recommended, even for yoginis who otherwise can’t afford/wouldn’t like to, as Katharina is committed to “pay what you can”.

    Yoga Classes Attendee
  • I participated in the weekend yoga retreat of the dear Kathi in spring. It was a super lovingly organized weekend with varied yoga sessions in a beautiful setting. Perfect to escape from everyday life for a weekend and to find yourself again a little more. I will for sure join another of her retreats!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • A short and intense weekend that felt like a peaceful vacation, letting go of all worries and limits, exactly as Kathi described “Let go of the limits you set yourself”. I am super happy that I got to know Yin Yoga which helps me nowadays slowing down. Thanks Kathi for this great experience!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • Kathi is a burst of sunshine and professional yoga instructor that I can definitely recommend. I collaborated with her during a yoga retreat in Greece and attended various classes. I have experienced meditation, Yoga Nidra, pranayama breathing, and asana practice with Kathi and have felt deeply relaxed from the one hand, and from the other energized and empowered. Kathi’s calming and caring voice and her passion for the yoga philosophy are very inspiring. I can strongly suggest joining one of her classes. Keep up the good vibes  Namaste! 


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