Yoga for Surfers – Get ready for Surf Holidays


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2 reviews for Yoga for Surfers – Get ready for Surf Holidays

  1. SandraKling

    perfect to get fit before going to a surfcamp
    I only had 9 days left before my first Surfcamp started when I discovered this coures. So I made all 14 lessons before my first surf lesson. And what should say, it was hard but it was totally worth it. In a group of 14 people, there was only two persons who where able to stand up on the first day and ride some white water wave. And during the week in the Surfcamp I was even able to catch my first own green waves. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do this with no preparation before the surf camp. So I am pretty happy about the results. Thanks!

  2. Katharina Böhler

    Die perfekte Vorbereitung für den nächsten Surftrip!
    Leider komme ich nur 1-2 mal im Jahr zum Surfen und muss jedes Mal feststellen, dass es mir an Kraft in den Armen und im Oberkörper fehlt. Und genau hier setzt der Kurs an. Ich freue darauf bei der nächsten Reise perfekt vorbereitet zu sein.

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