World Surf League Trestles 2015

As the finals have just been decided and I am about to leave for my next surf adventure, I wanted to share with you my one day at the WSL Trestles experience and some pictures. 🙂

In September I was one of the luckies surf girls when I got invited to visit the Worls Surf League event in Trestles, California. The Hurley Pro Men´s and Swatch Women´s Pro final heats took place on that weekend and I joint for saturday to watch the worlds best surf girls and dudes at Lower Trestles, near San Clemente, California.

I joined early at the morning, at around 7.30am and left my car at the parking space nearby. It took me around 15 to 20 minutes to get to the actual event spot from there, but I like walking at the sand so it did not bother me.

People where so friendly there, although it was crowded too. Smiles wherever you may look. To me it seems as if surfer are more happy than other people. I know this is actually not true for all people on the whole world, but as I feel free and inspired by the ocean I may think about others who love the sport as I do the same way. At least I am on cloud 9 whenever I leave the sea after a good surf session.

I loved the 1 Dollar coffee, as it was already a little bit cold already and the Hurley and Swatch Booth had a lot to offer. Of course I had to buy myself a Hurley tank top as a little reminder of that great day. Around noon the weather got better and the sun came out as well.

Kelly Slater was amazing and it was really a special feeling to see the pro surfers in real, not only on the screen when watching it online!

As the last heat was finished quite early I decided to go swim in the sea 🙂 I know the picture is blurry, but I like it anyway 😛

P1000668-klein P1000658-klein

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