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Get ready for surf – Yoga for Surfers

With the Yoga for Surfers Online course, you will be both physically and mentally ready for your next surf trip.

These Yoga Classes are targeted to strengthen your muscles, give you more mobility and flexibility, as well as balance. The handbook and lessons will provide you with even more knowledge on the main yoga poses, and my e-paper will teach you how to set yourself goals and stay within a positive mindset. The Bonus Material includes Breathwork and Meditation sessions, that will compliment the whole course.

After Surf Yoga Stretches – Online Package

Do you want to prevent injuries during and after surfing?
Keep your muscles, joints, and connecting tissues long and strong?
You are looking for some short after surf stretching classes, that you can take with you, wherever you want, and watch from any device, as often as you feel?

The After Surf Yoga Online Course got you covered:
10 Yoga classes á 15-20 Minutes targeting different areas of the body.
Bonus Material: Calming and Balancing Breathworks as well as 2 guided Meditations to calm and ease the mind.

Yoga for Surfers Double Pack

You are looking to get both of the Yoga Online Courses? Go check out my Bundle, which gives you an exclusive Discount and access to both of the courses immediately – and for a lifetime of course!

What you get:
14 Get ready Yoga classes á 40-50 minutes
10 After Surf Yoga stretches á 20 minutes
3 Workbooks
5 Breathwork Sessions
4 Meditations