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Surfing & Yoga – A workshop day that connects. The right Yoga moves and a positive, engaging mindset will improve your surfing by far. With this workshop you are making a huge step into the right direction – by learning the advantages for the right yoga approach both pre- and after surfing – physically and mentally. You will move, you will learn, you will absorb and get to know like-minded people. A day full of Surf-Yoga, training, workshops and new friends. Your personal plus is a handout you will be

current yoga classes in Salzburg This summer I will be teaching for the Sportunion in Salzburg. Monday 7pm – 8pm Glanspitz Park (Lehen) close to the kids playground Tuesday 8am – 9am Preuschen Park, Apothekerhofstraße 11 Classes will be FOR FREE and IN GERMAN! Bring your own mat. starting 1. July 2018. Aktuelle Yoga Klassen in Salzburg Im Rahmen der Aktion “Bewegt im Park” in Salzburg werde ich diesen Sommer für die Sportunion 2 Einheiten pro Woche Yoga unterrichten. Die Stunden (60 Minuten) werden in Deutsch abgehalten und sind Beginnerklassen.

Here are some of the pics from the Yoga Retreat on Agistri Island in Greece, that I was teaching at and organizing. It took place from the 27th of April until the 1st of March. Thank you all for being there. It was a lovely experience! Everything was blooming. The lemons, the flowers, the whole island. And so were we. See the full album of some more detail impressions around the Retreat and the Island – on my Facebook page! It’s time; Explore and Bloom!

Leave everything behind, pay no more rent and just live in the van. Life can be so easy – and also much cheaper. But how much does living in a mobile home really cost? Is it worth it, to leave everything behind, is there even a difference in the monthly expenses? We collected all the expenses for the month of December, in Spain and Portugal for you and listed them here for you. So here we go, I am finally gonna answer the question you are longing for: How much

10 weeks later. We left Morocco. It´s been a journey with mixed feelings. A beautiful coastline and culturally vibrant busy cities. The experience was diverse. So are my feelings for this country. Mixed Feelings. Because traveling Morocco as a Girs is different.  At the very beginning of January, we took the ferry to set over to another continent: Africa From Algeciras, we reached Morocco within two hours – exiting the harbor of Tanger Med and directly heading towards Casablanca. The first month was dedicated to Imsouane, followed by another one

Three months ago I moved into a Van. To escape winter in Austria and be close to the Ocean. I was looking forward to finally be able to travel in a Camper so badly, but I didn´t think I would like it that much. I fell in love with Vanlife. And here is why: Vanlife, that’s freedom on every single level. It´s a rolling home. More than just a Camper. Living in a Van showed me a new side of travel. I love it. Here a little throwback, in case

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