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Who I am

I help surfers and those who are learning to surf to be physically and mentally ready for their surf trip or holiday. One often feels stuck with their progress in the water, physically not ready, quickly exhausted, and overwhelmed with the power of nature or comparison with others in their minds. This is why I created a yoga for surfers – get ready – online course: During the sessions, you will get prepared to paddle long and strong and have an upright position while doing so. Strength in the arms, stability in the legs, mobility in the hip region will help them pop up quickly and be stable. The range of motion in the upper body and balance will keep you on the board and you will be able to surf up and down the wave. A workbook on how to set intentions and write affirmations will help with being calm in the mind, ready to take a little challenge, and focus on the good.

I help women who miss having a structure in their life to find a way into their yoga journey and create a routine. Women who want to live their lives with full commitment to their dreams, who struggle to find their intention, with writing an affirmation, struggle to stick to routines to find this stability in tune with the moon circle. By creating a safe space during my yoga classes and yoga  retreats I help others to find a way along their yoga journey, be gentle to themselves, reflect, learn and be there, always. To find commitment in a time where everything around seems to move very fast.

I am a yogi, a writer, a dreamer.

 I love hugs, good music, laughing, my partner, and my dog.

I inspire you to travel, do yoga, go surf … to live differently, just the way it feels good for you.

I am a 330 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

My Yoga Path

Teacher Trainings and further education


  • 200h Teacher Training, Kashish Yoga, Goa India (Jan 2018)
  • The mythology behind Hanumanasana – Ariadna Castorena
  • Love your Down Dog – Jeanette Fuchs
  • Advanced Sequencing – Ariadna Castorena
  • Yoga meets Alignment – Food workshop Christine Roth
  • Karma Yogi @ Yogi Heart Fair
  • Radical Freedom: a journey of self-mastery, wholeness, and hope – Krista Marie Starr
  • Yoga at the Wall – Ariadna Castorena
  • 50h Yin Yoga TT with Bernie Clark (May 2020)
  • Fluid Body – Pranayama – Ariadna Castorena & Andrea Reiner
  • 50h active and passive Meditation TT (May 2021) with Om Vipul (yogvit)
  • 30h Yoga Nidra TT (May 2021) with Om Vipul (yogvit)
  • 40h Yogi James Yoga / Path of Yoga School (Jan 2022) Adjustment, Sequencing, refining coaching points, conscious communication, language and demonstration

Places I taught at

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to teach at a variety of studios, surf camps and retreats


“Yoga im Park” Sportunion Austria

Surf Yoga Workshop Day 

Sandycamps, Morocco

Imsouane Surfhouse, Morocco

Friends and the Sea Retreat, Morocco

Train and Surf Holidays, Portugal 

Infinity Surfcamp, Sri Lanka

It´s time to bloom Yoga Retreat Agistri Island, Greece

Weekend Retreats, Austria

SUP-Yoga Brunch

Bliss Yoga, the Yoga Gallery and KALMA Yoga Studio, Salzburg, Austria


What people say about me and my Yoga
  • I participated in the weekend yoga retreat of the dear Kathi in spring. It was a super lovingly organized weekend with varied yoga sessions in a beautiful setting. Perfect to escape from everyday life for a weekend and to find yourself again a little more. I will for sure join another of her retreats!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • In September 2020 I joined the yoga retreat led by Katharina Maloun in Upper Austria. We were given insight into a mix of Yin and Yang Yoga and ended each day with a Yoga Nidra session. In addition, topics such as journaling, the meaning of the moon, mindfulness and meditation exercises were on the daily schedule. Nevertheless, there was also enough free time for self-study, exchange with other participants or a short walk in nature. Thanks to Kathi’s positive and authentic charisma, I had the feeling of being at home within a family atmosphere. Overall, the yoga retreat gave me an incredible amount of energy and at the same time gave me peace and grounding. I would participate again at any time!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • It was my first time joining a Yoga Retreat. On top of that on the gorgeous island of Agistri, Greece. Kathi has held the courses very instructive and well explained. She has also always looked in between whether you do the figures correctly. I liked that so much and I took a lot with me. Since then I have been doing yoga regularly. Now I’m waiting until she comes to Salzburg and also holds a course there.

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • A short and intense weekend that felt like a peaceful vacation, letting go of all worries and limits, exactly as Kathi described “Let go of the limits you set yourself”. I am super happy that I got to know Yin Yoga which helps me nowadays slowing down. Thanks Kathi for this great experience!

    Yoga Retreat Participant

My Journey

I left my hometown Vienna to go travel the world in 2015. Exploring Europe, Central America, Indonesia, and Australia alone for two years. This was an absolutely life-changing experience. I started a journey to myself within myself. Before coming back to Europe I completed my 200h Yoga Teacher Training in India. Surfing and the love of being by the sea too became an essential part.


Through this journey of life itself, learning and doing what I love most became more important than having more. This is when I realized that I want to be living the way that feels right to me- with less. Through yoga, I feel at home in my heart, not at a specific place. During summer I was teaching in Salzburg, whereas in Winters I taught Yoga at the ocean. Sharing my experience and what I´ve learned on the way is what I love doing. Retreats and Workshops are my favorite. Connecting with like-minded people through practice and talks.


I am looking forward to meeting you on and off the mat.


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