Yoga Retreats

Sometimes you´ve got to dare to jump.

To travel – alone or with friends – has changed my life 360°. That’s probably one of the reasons I love giving and attending retreats so much. Getting out of your everyday zone and letting yourself drop somewhere in a beautiful space, surrounded by nature, close to the ocean. Not having to worry about anything, just going with the flow. Being there for yourself. Learning, exploring, meeting like-minded people.

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What my Yoga Retreats hold for you

Time to Reconnect

Give yourself time .. to reconnect to yourself, to forgive, to learn, to grow, to bloom. Retreats are ideal to step out of the 9-5 and back into yourself.

A safe Space

The places we meet at are carefully chosen by myself. These are the perfect spots to recharge your batteries and regain your balance. Magical places that will let you forget the world around you, to come back to your deepest self.

Yoga, Meditation, Mind Movement

The yoga practice - including asana (physical), pranayama, and meditation - is the center of the retreat. It will help you look inward, strengthen and stretch your body and mind and let go to start planting new seeds.

A Caring Community

What I like a lot about retreats is the dynamic they have by themselves. Bringing together like-minded people leads to a thrive of energy turning into an instant community.

Exchange and Stillness

Whether you want to spend the retreat in silence or exchanging with others. It is our choice. Always remember: It is, what you want it to be. I am sure that my retreat will serve you the way you need it.

Upcoming Retreats

Full Moon – Spring Yoga Retreat

Reconnect and Unfold – Retreat held in GERMAN!

Longer days, more hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures. All of this invites you to be outside and really soak up the fresh energy. This time of blossoming and awakening is ideal to visit a yoga retreat. Therefore, I am even more pleased that I will offer a weeklong yoga retreat for you at that time of the year. This retreat is for those who want to drop their ego, who seek to find their current Sankalpa and reconnect with themselves, and a loving community surrounded by nature.

The spring retreats are among my favorites. It is contagious how the group uplifts and learns from each other. I am looking forward to welcoming you to be part of this.

Portugal, April/Mai 2024 – date coming soon


  • When you’re tired and tense after work, there’s nothing better than a yoga session in the park. A few yoga poses and meditations later under the big old trees in Hans Donnerbergpark surrounded by birdsong, you can start the rest of the day relaxed. Highly recommended, even for yoginis who otherwise can’t afford/wouldn’t like to, as Katharina is committed to “pay what you can”.

    Yoga Classes Attendee
  • I participated in the weekend yoga retreat of the dear Kathi in spring. It was a super lovingly organized weekend with varied yoga sessions in a beautiful setting. Perfect to escape from everyday life for a weekend and to find yourself again a little more. I will for sure join another of her retreats!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • A short and intense weekend that felt like a peaceful vacation, letting go of all worries and limits, exactly as Kathi described “Let go of the limits you set yourself”. I am super happy that I got to know Yin Yoga which helps me nowadays slowing down. Thanks Kathi for this great experience!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • Besonders hat mir die tolle Kommunikation im Vorfeld gefallen. Dadurch konnte ich mich gut vorbereiten und wusste in etwa, was mich erwartet. Das Retreat strahlte eine tolle, entspannte Gruppendynamik aus. Mit einer kleinen Gruppengröße war es etwas ganz besonderes. Das Wochenende selbst war sinnvoll strukturiert und aufgebaut und abwechslungsreich gestaltet mit Wechsel zwischen Meditation, physischer Asana-Praxis, Essen und Freizeit.


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