All I want for Christmas .. X-Mas Gifts for Traveller

Wow! How time flies by! The third Advent Sunday is past and Christmas seems so close! Back home in Austria there will be snow for sure and people probably are getting theirselves into cosy christmas mood. Drinking Punch and eating Bratapfel – things I actually miss a little bit while I am traveling here in Central America and enjoy 30 degree sunshine on the Caribbean coast. Still I wanna get into Christmas mood and thought about some handy gifts for traveler. SO here is my personal Christmas wish list. I hope you´ll find something to write on your list for Santa 😉

Once again I will not be home for Christmas. And my opinion about presents for Christmas still has not changed since last year. Still I thought I am gonna collect some of my favorite travel things that your beloved ones might like, or you wanna ask for them 😉 Of course most of the things are very useful for traveling, some are simply nice gadgets. So here is my wish list of small but cute things for those who love to travel:

When it comes to having fresh clothes there are several options when you are traveling. One is to ask at the hostel or hotel you are staying for their service. Another is to look up for public laundry shops. A cheap method is to simply wash them yourself with some powder or washing plates. The good thing about them is, that they are light and small, which makes them perfect for traveling! Concentrated wash liquid is also a nice alternative.

If you are a dedicated reader I would highly recommend you to wish for an e-reader. They are light and you can  easily download a new book as soon as you finished reading one. Some people I know read so much, that they would probably carry a whole library with them 😉

I just came across this page, the wander bracelets, where you can order your personal travel item: A custom made bracelet – which can include the coordinates of your home, your favorite place on earth, your friends place or simply a spot you never wanna forget.

A flight kit can always be handy. Not only when you are on the plane. Sleepingmask, earplugs and some refreshing papers for your face. That can be SO useful while traveling on train, bus and also just when staying in a hostel. PLUS: I love those little sprays that keep your face hydrated when on a long flight!

Notebook to write down dreams, thoughts, travel plans or simply todo lists – I still love the Moleskin Books so much!

And as I love my BRO! Beanie and people keep asking me where I got it from (I actually bought it at Blue Tomato, an Austrian snow, surf and skate store) I wanted to give you the direct link to their webpage.


Also a swiss army pocket knife or a wine bottle opener 😉 are super essential and

I am still a huge fan of the packing cubes I got when I did my first backpacking trip and everyone I meet is pretty impressed how organized my backpack is. Here you find a selection of packing cubes. I personally would love to have this one here for organizing all the cables, charging stations and hard drives I carry around with me.

What are your wishes for Christmas?

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