What to Pack for a Surf trip: free Download

A full packing list on what to take with you and what to leave at home when getting ready for your next surf trip. Backpacking, Camping, or Surfcamp - we got you covered.
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Yoga and Surfing – the Best Combination

Surfing does not only require physical fitness but also mental focus, concentration, and full attention in the here and now. The same goes for Yoga too. 
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Try these 3 Yoga Poses for Surf Beginners

When it comes down to improving your Surf, there are three major Yoga poses that will make the difference.
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Recap: Impressions Surf-Yoga Workshop Day

Some impressions of my Surf-Yoga Workshop Day in Salzburg Photos by Andreas Weiss 
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Morocco – The Coastline

Two months in and we are still on the road here in Morocco. We went up and down the coast, explored Moroccos coastline. And we surfed a lot. This winter was dedicated to Morocco – new landscapes, waves and a culture clash with no french spoken. This is Part 1 – the coastline. It all...
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Surfcamp Review – Rapturecamps Ericeira, Portugal

Most of you might have “somehow” noticed, that I´ve been working at Rapturecamps in summer 2016. The first question I get? Have you been teaching surf? Ähhhhmm.. NO I was not a surf instructor 😉 I was kind of a bloody beginner. The second question I get is: HOW IS THE CAMP? and How did you...
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Rapture Surfcamp Portugal Review

As I´ve been volunteering in the Rapture Surfcamp in Ericeira Portugal, I thought I wanna give you some insights and a review on the camp. Therefore I asked several people who stayed there in 2016 and put up this post for you. Additional Hannah wrote so many details, that I decided to add a second...
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Lapoint Surfcamp Sri Lanka - malindkate

Lapoint Sri Lanka – Surfcamp Review

Lapoint – one of the bigger surf camp chains (if you want to call it like this) offers a unique surf experience in Ahangama, Sri Lanka. (+ in Bali, Costa Rica, Morocco, Portugal, and Norway – WOW!) As I myself like to read reviews before booking an accommodation – especially when speaking of a surf...
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Peniche Portugal Surf - malindkate

Surf Portugal, Peniche

It was in August 2014, when I finaly fulfilled myself a big dream and went surfing for the first time. I fell in love with the sport from the very beginning on and it is hard to describe how happy I feel when I can grab a board, go into the water, pladdle out and...
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