The meanings behind my dreams

Have you ever considered interpreting your dreams? Listening and looking closer, to figuring out what’s the meaning behind all the weird stuff that you see, feel, smell in your dreams? Well, I´ve probably spent hours and hours thinking about my dreams ar at least let’s say, the few minutes after waking up, when I can still remember them … and looking at my dream pattern from a distance, I´ve noticed that there are times when my dreams are more vivid, more real than others. It always happens around the full moon. 

Why do we dream?

First of all: everyone dreams, there are just a handful of people who never remember, but dreams happen to all of us during sleep. Dreams happen during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase while we sleep. In case we do wake up during the REM phase, we are more likely to remember our dream.

Dreams are a reflection of and also a way of traveling towards and working with the deepest thoughts of oneself. In dreams, we cope with what is happening in our life. But not only what surrounds us and is within us on a conscious level, but dreams also go onto the next level and work on what subconsciously is stored within us.

Why do we dream the things we dream?

Dreams are a reflection of our life. They might mirror our wishes, fears, and topics that have been suppressed from our conscious minds. Often the images that appear during our dream are unfiltered and therefore seem to be extreme. But no worries, you are not turning mad because you´re having intense dreams.

I myself was lucky enough never to suffer from nightmares, except for when I had a high fever once. But I did notice that during the phase of the full moon my dreams tend to be more real and I could remember them all too well when I wake up. But why do we dream what we dream? This can only be answered by the person having this dream. So here is how I personally approach my vivid, colorful dreams to see what I can learn:

Dream – Journaling

A regular journal practice helps to sort the mind, letting go of what´s stuck in your head and finding answers to questions that bother you in real life. Remembering and later on understanding your dreams can be very beneficial for your life.

Here is how I proceed:

I prepare a notebook and a pen right next to my bed, so when I wake up I have the option to write down notes from my dreams. Most of the time though, I feel like I can’t remember the dream properly if I move my body too fast when waking up. That’s why before grabbing my pen I lay still and try remembering most of what just happened in my sleep. Once I am ready to recall my dream I slowly get up to write down what I can remember. Usually, when it’s still time, I go back to sleep afterwards. During the day after, or even two days later still, I try taking a few minutes to read through my dreams and also my journaling of the last days (if I cannot recall them without reading) to see if there is anything that comes together, something that gives me an answer. Sometimes there is, sometimes there is not. But if there is one thing that keeps popping up as learning, it is to not overthink things. One might not find the answer right away, but one day, sooner or later, you´ll look back into that journal and it all falls together just perfectly.

How do I know the meaning behind my dream?

I personally like to observe my feelings and see beyond the surface to find the answer to my question is. Additionally, there are a couple of books that help you interpret the different meanings behind the symbols in your dreams. However, I believe that everyone seems to have a different approach to what appears, as we all follow different patterns of thinking, have individual interpretations of colors, smells, things, due to our past experiences in life and moreover the relationship that we live with ourselves and others. No one else knows you better than yourself.

Once we have captured the dream elements, uncovered the feelings and sensations associated with them, we can ask ourselves the questions like: What is this dream element associated with? What do I associate this dream element with? When did I sense, see, feel something similar in my waking life? Why does it appear in my dream right now? Does it play a role in my present life? Is there a connection? Does it remind me of something completely different?

Little by little we approach the answers. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes we only partially understand what the hidden messages mean. In any case, decoding is an exciting task, a journey into the unconscious: we solve a riddle about ourselves, we discover ourselves.

Is there a connection between the full moon and our dreams?

To be honest, I’ve researched a lot and there are a lot of theories out there that you can read about, but nothing has to be proven right or wrong. I personally do believe, and that’s from my own experience, that during a full moon I tend to remember more of my dreams. The full moon is the time of letting go of what you no longer need in life and this correlates well with the dreams that I have around those days. If you are keen to know more about living with the moon, come check out my Full and New Moon Gatherings

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