This course will give you the perfect recovery after a surf session.

Do you feel… 

stiff and without energy after just one surf session?

… that your muscles are hurting, especially your shoulders, neck, and back?

… not ready for a second session on a good day?

… like you need some really good stretches and you want to give your body and mind something back?

I got an After-Surf Stretch Yoga package full of recovery for you!

Ten short but sweet Yoga Sessions will stretch your muscles and connective tissue to avoid being sore after surfing. Two meditations will calm your mind and help you visualize your surf goals as well as Breathwork sessions to calm and balance.

What is included in After-Surf Yoga

10 Yoga Classes

15-20 Minutes length
targeting different areas of the body 

The Peak-pose of each class is described in detail to see how to do it right, with clues written down, to look them back up.
You choose which class you need: Upper Body, Lower Body, targeting specific body parts, or a full-body stretch.

Value: € 100

After Surf Stretches Yoga Poses
  1. Upper Body Yin & Yang
  2. Lower Body Yin & Yang 
  3. Neck and Shoulders
  4. Chest and Upper Back 
  5. The Spine
  6. Hip and Pelvis
  7. Side Body
  8. Lower and Middle Back 
  9. Legs and Feet 
  10. Full Body Stetch 

3 E-Papers

Workbook Mindset: Set Intentions & write Affirmations

exclusive article: Yoga & Surf – Connecting the dots

Pre-Surf Asanas: how to warm up at the beach before you paddle out

Value: € 75

Lifetime Access

Access the course anywhere, anytime on any device in the world.
This means: You buy and pay once and it is yours for an unlimited amount of time

+ You will have free access to any bonus material added to the course

Value: € 30

2 relaxing Guided Meditations

Meditation Audio

1 Meditation Yoga Nidra – Ocean Meditation

1 Meditation to fall asleep to

Value: € 30

2 Breathwork Classes

4-7-8 Calming Breathe

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Value: € 30

10 After Surf Yoga Classes
€ 100
3 E-Papers
€ 75
Lifetime Access
€ 30
BONUS MATERIAL 2 Guided Meditations
€ 30
BONUS MATERIAL 3 Breathwork Classes
€ 30
Total Value
€ 265
Limited time offer
€ 39


The Early Bird price ends soon, so if you are interested, get the course NOW. If you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back. In order to help as many people as possible, the price is particularly low. However, this will not always be the case.

30 days Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s keep it as simple as possible: You sign up today and can even do the entire program. If for any reason you don’t like the training email us at and you get your money back 100%.

Why? Because we should both get something out of it: You should benefit from it, it should be fun for you and you shouldn’t have to pay for a program that you don’t get anything out of.

Get Ready & Relax After Surf Yoga Bundle

Still not sure? How about a free trial class?

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Hey, my name is Kate, I am a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a passionate Surfer, living in the Algarve, Portugal.

I have experience in teaching yoga for surfers at various surf camps all over the world. When giving my After Surf Yoga Classes people often thought “Yoga? I cannot do a workout after I surfed for 2 hours!” But Yoga is not only active, Yoga can be very relaxing, stretching and giving the body and mind something back.

With this After Surf Yoga Stretch Online Course, I am offering exactly what you need after a session in the water. 

Taught|Teaching at & Creating for 

How does the course work?

1. You sign up and pay once

2. Immediately after that you receive an email with your login

3. You can immediately start your first lesson
You can come back and practice over and over – with no additional payment.

-> SALE PRICE € 39  <-

This course is for you, if you want to

… have short after-surf stretches to give your body something back.

… keep your muscles, joints, and connective tissues long and strong.

… prevent injuries during and after surfing.

… recover quicker to be ready for another surf.

… be able to have longer sessions.

… want to relax with some guided meditations for surfers.

… take your after-surf stretch with you, wherever you want, and watch from any device, as often as you feel.

This course is not for you, if

… you are looking for physiotherapeutic advice

… you are looking for an active Yoga Program (if so: go check out my Yoga for Surfers – Get ready Online Course)

… you are looking for a yoga teacher training.

This is what You’re Getting when you Sign Up Now for the Yoga for Surfers Online Course

10 Relaxing and Releasing Yoga Classes

3 E-Papers

Lifetime Access

structured online learning platform

BONUS: 2 Mediations

BONUS: 2 Breathwork Classes

Free Access to new Course Material

Any further questions?

When does the course start?

Good news!
The course starts whenever YOU want it to start. The videos are all pre-recorded. This way you can watch the videos, listen to the meditations and read the handbook according to your own time schedule. 

Why should I buy the course NOW?

It´s always a good idea to start TODAY and not always count on tomorrow. As you can do the course over and over again, you will improve and learn even more before your next trip. 

How do I get the course?

You simply add the course to your cart and navigate your way as in any other online shop. Choose your payment method, and once the payment is through you will receive a confirmation email- that the course will be available in your profile now.
An account will be created during the payment process and we will send you your password to login. 

I´ve never done yoga, is the course for me?

My Yoga classes are for every level, and I give options to go deeper or stay where you are depending on your ability and body structure. 

How long does the course take?

Ultimately, in the end, it is entirely up to you. You can take every class or meditation, just when you need it. The course will be available anytime for you. 

Do i need to create an account?

Yes, an account is necessary to access the course.
If you have not yet created an account (for pre-purchase), an account will be created for you during the payment process. We will send you the password, which you can always change.

How often can I watch the course?

You can watch the videos and the whole course as often as you would like to! 
Once you purchased the yoga for surfers course you will gain access to the videos, the workbook, the bonus material, and all the information, and always come back whenever and wherever you want to. 

How do I get the content? Does it work on all devices?

The content will be accessible for you through your profile, once you have purchased and logged in.
The course works on all devices, such as notebooks, tablets, phones – no matter which brand they are from.
With your login, you can access the course and practice from anywhere in the world.

I have never surfed before? Is this program right for me?

Absolutely! After the Yoga for Surfers online course, you will master your first paddles and pop-ups way quicker than you would have without any training.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If this course is absolutely not what you were wishing for, you can simply return it and get your money back within the first 30 days after purchase. Simply send me an e-mail and I will take care of transferring the money back to you.

Does Yoga help with Surfing?


Yoga is so much more than just movement. It is an integration of mind and body. Therefore, Yoga can help to improve your surf, both physically and mentally. The get ready for your surf holidays online course will mainly focus on the body, and its physical movement- strength, balance, and flexibility. I will also include breathing and meditation exercises, that will help you mentally with the water. Surfing is becoming one with the ocean and feeling and understanding what the wave is doing. Yoga is becoming one with yourself, and truly feeling what you need. I think there is rarely something that goes hand in hand as good as Surf and Yoga. 

Why should I buy the course and not only do youtube videos?

With my experience in teaching, targeted Yoga for Surfers, I created this program to give the surfing body and mind something back. Moreover, you will get bonus material such as a workbook on setting your intentions and affirmation writing, pre-surf practices, breathing courses, and two guided meditations, directly tailored to the needs of a surfer. 

You don´t have to spend time looking up which content and videos would fit: with the Yoga for Surfers course, it´s all wrapped up carefully for you to access promptly. 

I work with a professional videographer who put together the video and audio material with exceptionally high quality. 

Convince yourself – and if you are not happy, you can always make use of the 30 days money-back guarantee.

-> SALE PRICE € 39  <-