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Yoga is so much more than movement. Still, it does not require a lot. breathe

Welcome to my Safe Space.

Yoga can be a sweaty asana practice, a morning pranayama session, or a meditation by the ocean or underneath a tree. It can be gathering with others, exchanging thoughts, experiences, and learning from one another. It can also be just living your life mindfully, appreciating the beauty and finding your path in life.
Yoga is so much more than movement. Still, it does not require a lot. In the end, yoga is whatever you need it to be. You don't have to be super stretchy, bendy, or have expensive and fancy yoga clothes. All you need to do is to show up for yourself. Be there. Be present. Hold space. Sit still. Move. Feel, and Listen; and above that: don't give up. Be present for yourself. On and off the mat. Be gentle, and give yourself you time. Because time really is the greatest gift you can give yourself!
My yoga classes, courses, and retreats, follow this holistic approach. Let’s journey this together!

Bring your Surfing onto a new Level with Yoga for Surfers

Whether you are a surfing yogi and looking for a course to get your mind and body ready for your surf experience, or someone in need to relax, and relief your muscle tension during your time by the sea? My Yoga for Surfers courses are tailored to everyone’s needs. More than that, you can even take it with you wherever you go!
14 Yoga Lessons and Mental Strength Workbook
10 Yoga Lessons - stretching and releasing

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Recap: SUP-Yoga Brunch 08/21

Once again Danique and I organized a SUP-Yoga Brunch to get up early together with other SUP and Yoga-loving peeps. Enjoying the Mattsee, chatting with good vegan food, and some tea and coffee. Oh, how I love those gatherings! Photos: Andreas Weiss
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Yoga and Surfing – the Best Combination

Surfing does not only require physical fitness but also mental focus, concentration, and full attention in the here and now. The same goes for Yoga too. 
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Try these 3 Yoga Poses for Surf Beginners

When it comes down to improving your Surf, there are three major Yoga poses that will make the difference.
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Join me in Person on a Retreat.

Are you seeking tranquillity, an escape, or some time offline? A week full of yoga, and maybe even surf? Do you want to connect with like-minded people, and spend some time in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal? A retreat to reconnect to yourself and others may be what you are looking for.


  • Kathi is a burst of sunshine and professional yoga instructor that I can definitely recommend. I collaborated with her during a yoga retreat in Greece and attended various classes. I have experienced meditation, Yoga Nidra, pranayama breathing, and asana practice with Kathi and have felt deeply relaxed from the one hand, and from the other energized and empowered. Kathi’s calming and caring voice and her passion for the yoga philosophy are very inspiring. I can strongly suggest joining one of her classes. Keep up the good vibes  Namaste! 

    Yoga Class Participant
  • In September 2020 I joined the yoga retreat led by Katharina Maloun in Upper Austria. We were given insight into a mix of Yin and Yang Yoga and ended each day with a Yoga Nidra session. In addition, topics such as journaling, the meaning of the moon, mindfulness and meditation exercises were on the daily schedule. Nevertheless, there was also enough free time for self-study, exchange with other participants or a short walk in nature. Thanks to Kathi’s positive and authentic charisma, I had the feeling of being at home within a family atmosphere. Overall, the yoga retreat gave me an incredible amount of energy and at the same time gave me peace and grounding. I would participate again at any time!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • It was my first time joining a Yoga Retreat. On top of that on the gorgeous island of Agistri, Greece. Kathi has held the courses very instructive and well explained. She has also always looked in between whether you do the figures correctly. I liked that so much and I took a lot with me. Since then I have been doing yoga regularly. Now I’m waiting until she comes to Salzburg and also holds a course there.

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • I participated in the weekend yoga retreat of the dear Kathi in spring. It was a super lovingly organized weekend with varied yoga sessions in a beautiful setting. Perfect to escape from everyday life for a weekend and to find yourself again a little more. I will for sure join another of her retreats!

    Yoga Retreat Participant
  • A short and intense weekend that felt like a peaceful vacation, letting go of all worries and limits, exactly as Kathi described “Let go of the limits you set yourself”. I am super happy that I got to know Yin Yoga which helps me nowadays slowing down. Thanks Kathi for this great experience!

    Yoga Retreat Participant

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