Whats in by Backpack – 3 weeks Sri Lanka

Today I am leaving for my three weeks backpacking (first ever solo) trip to Sri Lanka! This means my backpack is already packed and I am on my way to the airport or on the plane when this entry is published!

For this trip, I tried to really focus on what I would need and what not. So I read a lot of blogs and watched travelers youtube videos on “whats in my bag” and so collected the most important things I would need and think you might be interested what finally made it into my bag!

To have the right things ready a list of what you want to take with you is very helpful. I would recommend you to start the list as soon as you know where you are heading to next, so you will have enough time to add things and buy or borrow things you still need. As a next step I took a basket and started preparing what I want to take with me (one week ahead) so I won´t actually wear it shortly before leaving. 😉

Below you will now find a detailed list of what I take with me, my bathroom stuff will be described in another blog post – online at the beginning of January 🙂 and here you find my Mini-Checklist, which gives you a good overview of what to take to EVERY trip!

Whats-in-my-backpack-NR Kopie

1. I got myself these packing cubes (they are not available at the moment I reckon, but there are a lot out there, which you can take as well.) You can open the zip all the way round, which I like a lot.

  • the left one holds:
    • 5 pairs of socks
    • 5x underwear
    • 1 board short
    • 2 (surf) bikinis
    • 1 sports-bra
    • 1 long, wide “Harlem” pant
  • the right one holds:
    • 1 long sleeve west
    • 1 long, light skirt 
    • 2 light shorts 
    • 7 shirts, most of them tank tops
    • a very thin linen blanked (which I can use as a skirt or cover my shoulders or for the beach to sit down)

2. shoes:

  • Flip Flops – for the beach and for taking a shower (they don’t necessarily have to look good – what is more important is that they are water-resistant)
  • Sneakers – just to add a LITTLE bit of style & the second pair of light shoes are always good (you might wanna wash the other pair or they might me wet because of rain)
  • Sandals (in case you don’t want to wear your flip flops or sneakers for a night out, which I prefer)

3. a bigger towel (for showing)
4. a small towel (for my face)
5. a locker
6. a small flashlight (this is actually my bike light ;))
7. a thin & light sleeping bag
8. cheap sunglasses
9. my diary 

On the plane I will wear:

  • comfty hoody
  • black leggins 
  • Trainers – also for (longer) walks (when carrying my backpack)
  • a sports-bra 
  • a thin scarf 
  • compression socks (sorry – I love them!)

What you also should consider … 

When you are e.g. “just” going for a city and/or beach trip you will not need any trainers (as they are not very good looking – we all know that ;)) but as I am exploring the country side as well including Sirigiya and Adams peak I will definitely need them. So focus on what you want

a do there and choose the right clothes and gadgets for that adventure.

What you DON´T need when traveling with a backpack in summer:

  • Jeans! Why? they are heavy, they are hot…
  • High heels – come on!
  • Dresses, Skirts, Trouses or Shirts that get wrinkled easily
  • Big Handbags – why?

Did I forget something? 😀 Here you find what I took with me in my toilet-bag.

Note: in this article, you´ll find some links to Amazon or other platforms, though which I am earning money. However, you will not be charged more! Thanks 🙂

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