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Being the forth biggest city of Norway, Stavanger is located at the south part of the country and is famous for its old city and the fiords where huge cruise ships take their stops frequently. With just a few hours of time we took a boat cruise through the Lysefiord and visited the old city part with its beautiful tiny white houses.

You are about to plan your city trip for autumn or even already spring? A little bit of sun at the Atlantic ocean – good wine, friendly people and beach? Porto is the up-and-coming city in Europe, recently in development and has a lot to offer! Here is what to do when taking a few days off and enjoying the Portuguese flair.

It was in August 2014, when I finaly fulfilled myself a big dream and went surfing for the first time. I fell in love with the sport from the very beginning on and it is hard to describe how happy I feel when I can grab a board, go into the water, pladdle out and take a wave. But first, how all that came about: At work a colleague of mine mentioned that he and a friend are gonna go surfing in August and I immediately said “That’s what I would love

I love combining city trips with sporty excursion, as it somehow gives me even more feeling for what else this place has to offer – besides the touristic cultural parts (which I by the way also like a lot!). And YES – you can surf in Lisbon – and when I read, that it takes only a short bus ride to catch some waves I immediately planned one day of our city trip to Lisbon and Porto in April to drive down to Costa da Capricia.  

Portugal is definitely one of the countries you HAVE TO eat sea food. And what is one of the most common thing to do when visiting a country or a city? You search for good restaurants and bars in the area and go out for dinner – although you know that it would save a lot of money to cook on your own. Eating the local food makes us experience the culture of a land in a total new way. This is why I would always recommend to try out (almost)

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