Peniche, Portugal & a funny island trip

As you might have read in my latest blog entry I enjoyed surfing while staying in Peniche, Portgal at the surf camp every day. Except one. It was “the day of the island trip” – our visit of Ilha da Berlenga. A day I won’t forget for a long long time.

All started with the idea of going out the night before the taxi should pick the boys, Maiju and me up and yes, we did go to the beach bar and had so much fun. Did I mention that the taxi to the harbor picked us up at 6ish? It was horrible. the boat trip was – well we survived and had our ups and downs but finally we reached the famous island everyone …hmm ok most of the people… had recommended us to visit while staying at Peniche. Majiu even missed the boat and took a later one and we were so surprised when we actually met at the island that we had to laugh for about ten minutes…

Ok, lets sum it up. What can you see at the island? stunning nature. And that´s why I don´t regret that (hangover) trip at all. It is a part of the Reserva Natural das Berlengashome to marine species of flora and fauna. But let me tell you – don´t go there when you partied all night, because there is almost no shadow. It is hot, the sun beats down mercilessly from above and there are only two shops you can buy something to drink. One of them is at the Fort of São João Baptista das Berlengas – and you have to become a member of the club to buy something there. I mean, seriously? But it´s not TOO expensive, so we are now officially members .. of the island? 😉 We also did a boat tour to the caves but – what a bad luck day – the water was too high to go in. Something the boat driver maaaaybe cooooould have told us before, but ok. No worries, the day was epic. As mentioned, I will never forget that day. To make the day a perfect one – one last story: Nico  had lost his phone at the beach in the night before and so we stopped at the bar when driving home from the harbor and imagine what? The iPhone was still lying in the sand. still working. no one took it. hilarious. a perfect hangover day 😀

Fort Sao Joaro Island Portugal


Another day we joint the surf spot trip the surf camp offers for free once or twice a week and that was when I fell in love with the country once again. We went to see the Cabo Carvoeiro – the westmostern part of the area and some surf spots further north as well as the old city of Peniche. It is said: when you drink the water of the cities fountain, you gonna stay in Peniche forever. I thought about it, but remembered how many other places in the world are still on my list. Maybe I come back one day and take a sip 😉

west point peniche

surf portugal peniche 7

surf portugal peniche love

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