I have been in Gstaad…

… and I didn´t see anything.

Ok thats too dramatic, but yes, I did not see a lot.


Thats what could happen when you are on a business trip. I was really looking forward to show you the beauty of Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries I know. I love the alps, I love the clean air there, I love the calm atmosphere, the relaxed people, down to earth, the nature that surrounds the small villages – the mountains that seem to give them shelter.

But I have to admit: I really hadn’t had the time to take any pictures except the following two. You may now think, that I am crazy, but jap that´s how life goes. I worked a lot – too much indeed. I gave my best and did a good job and although it´s not what I hoped for to show you on my blog, I have to tell you, that you should definitely go and see Switzerland. Take sunscreen with you, as most of the time you are at approx. 1000 meters above sea level. take your time, listen to the people. They have stories to tell. For me it is sure, that I will come back. This trip made me over think a lot of things, which will be online soon, and although its not the “oh-so-fancy-travel-entry” I hope you understand 🙂


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