Lisbon – Dinner and Nightlife

Portugal is definitely one of the countries you HAVE TO eat sea food. And what is one of the most common thing to do when visiting a country or a city? You search for good restaurants and bars in the area and go out for dinner – although you know that it would save a lot of money to cook on your own. Eating the local food makes us experience the culture of a land in a total new way. This is why I would always recommend to try out (almost) everything that is offered to you.

I love, that the portuguese eat a lot of sea food, rise and potatoes, as I do not get quite warm with all the gluten and prefer not to eat that on a regular basis. To eat fish in a land that is so close to the sea is what I really enjoy, I think that you can really taste the difference. In Lissabon there are three restaurants I would like to recommend to you:

  • Babete Restaurant is in Bairro Alto, which is the part of Lisbon where most of the parties take place. It is located near to other restaurants on the well known Calçada do Duque, a stairway where you enjoy a stunning view. I had a delicious salmon with baked potatoes and it tasted like heaven.
  • I went to Santa Rita already twice, as friends told us to go there and the hostel crew also took us there some nights later on. I had the seafood rise soup and also the traditional bacalhau. Omnomnomnomnomn !
  • Last but not least the Time Out Marcado da Ribeira where you can choos whatever you want in a big market hall. It´s near the sea so enjoy the sea breeze before or afterwards.

For partying we joint the pub crawl – I am sure everyone of you knows that kind of tours, but just in case: some promotor go from hostel to hostel and pick those up who want to go out with them. You pay around 10,- Euro and get a (cheap cheap cheap) drink or beer or wine at every bar. Plus all the entries are also included. Usually you go to three bars and one club. We had the pleasure to go to the lux club at the end of the tour, which is quite famous. We also went to the Musicbox but I can´t remember the other bars names – but It was a very funny night and I believe if you are with the right people you have a good time for sure. Moreover it is typical in Lisbon, and that´s true for Porto as well, that there is kinda ONE street where everyone is partying – especially outside the bars! Keep your eyes open, it´s easy to loose people in the crowd! A must try for the non veggies: one of the burgers on the street, which are stuffed with chips! YUMMI!

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