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Today I am leaving for my three weeks backpacking (first ever solo) trip to Sri Lanka! This means my backpack is already packed and I am on my way to the airport or on the plane when this entry is published! For this trip, I tried to really focus on what I would need and what not. So I read a lot of blogs and watched travelers youtube videos on “whats in my bag” and so collected the most important things I would need and think you might be interested what

As my first solo trip to Sri Lanka is coming closer and closer I thought about giving you an update on how my preparations are going. Note: today, Tuesday 24th of November is not only 1 month until christmas (which I am spending alone without my family for the first time!) but also exactly 4 weeks to go to my first solo adventure of 3 weeks in Sri Lanka. In this blog entry you will find my status of planning and already some must sees I found 😉

OMG !!!!!! OK. I really did it – and no, it was not a weak moment, it was the very thing I wanted to do so long. Already last autumn I bought myself the Stefan Loose Sri Lanka travel guide and intended to go surfing over christmas and new years. Excited from the idea I tried to find someone who wanted to join me, but no one dared to take the step and actually book the flight, book the surf camp, just go. So I ended up unhappy and staying in Vienna again,

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