Whats in my Washbag – 3 weeks Sri Lanka

About one week ago I already told you whats in my backpack for 3 weeks of traveling and surfing in Sri Lanka. This time I am focusing on whats in my washing bag! Here you go:



  1. A small make-up bag,which holds cotton swabs, cotton pads and one pair of ear rings as well as
  2. one Concealer, an Eyeliner and my favorite mascara – as I spent new years away and maybe will like to wear a little bit of make up.
  3. seventy one “second skin” papaya / protect & repair balm as I tend to have very dry skin and it also helps with sunburns
  4. seventy one sun stick 50+
    • i am going to surf – nothing more to add.
  5. swox zinc protection – you can never have enough sun protection when you are a whity 😉
    • You can also ask at the pharmacy for zinc balm, they will make it for you. 
  6. Eye drops, as my eyes tend to get dry because of the sun 🙁
  7. LSF 50+ sun screen from Nivea
    • you can take whatever brand, but please don’t underestimate the sun, you wanna look good in your 30s as well, don’t you?
  8. Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm Sunscreen stick SPF/FPS 45
    • I burned my lips in Portugal while surfing and never ever ever wanna have that feeling again! For surfing I will go with the zinc, otherwise with this yummy one I got in California.
  9. ear plugs 
  10. anti mosquito spray 
  11. bobby pins and scrunchies 
  12. a nail file 
  13. toothbrush 
  14. soup and and a travel laundry wash (genius!)
  15. a tweezer 
  16. toothpaste
  17. face balm
  18. shampoo and body lotion 
    • for 17/18 and 20 I used reusable containers you can buy at the grocery store
  19. a small deo
  20. pure coconut oil
    • I use it for my face in the evening but also for my hair if they are very dry!
  21. my tangle teezer – or any other hair brush you like
  22. a little mirror
  23. paper tissues 
  24. a face spray
    • So, this I once got at the airport (for free) it is my must carry on the plane thing as I really (did I mention that? :P) get dry skin easily.
  25. a small disinfection gel 
    •  I mostly use it after I´ve been to a public toilet or so, not very often but like to have it with me – just in case.
  26. which I forgot on the picture is my favorite razor for traveling. and some tampons (Girls, we all know we need them sometimes)

This might seem a lot to you, but most of it are the “small versions” and it all fits into my Lipault toilet bag. To me it is important that I have everything at one place and do not have to search for it.


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  1. Great packing list! I just tried bringing along a face spray (Evian) on the plan on my overnight flight from KL to Brisbane and HOLY HELL WHY DIDN’T I EVER TRY THAT BEFORE? I have crazy sensitive, ridiculous skin and long flights always wreck me…safe to say I’m adding face spray to my must haves as well. I’ll try the one you recommend! Thanks 🙂

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