I did it! Surf Sri Lanka – it is on.

OMG !!!!!! OK. I really did it – and no, it was not a weak moment, it was the very thing I wanted to do so long. Already last autumn I bought myself the Stefan Loose Sri Lanka travel guide and intended to go surfing over christmas and new years. Excited from the idea I tried to find someone who wanted to join me, but no one dared to take the step and actually book the flight, book the surf camp, just go. So I ended up unhappy and staying in Vienna again, afraid to just do it by myself.


This year I will go. I will fly to Sri Lanka and enjoy three weeks of just being with me. I will travel alone – for the first time for a longer period of time and I can´t believe that I actually did it! When I recently looked up the surf camps and accommodations (which I do frequently just to smooth my wanderlust) I saw that most of the surf camps were already booked out over the christmas holidays season and so just clicked book. I didn’t over-think it, I just clicked the button, filled in the details and here I am. Over over over happy about the upcoming winter and looking forward to an exciting first solo travel experience.

After having my holidays approved I also booked my flight and now it is official:
from Dec 22 ´15  – Jan 12 ´16 I will be enjoying the Sri Lankan Sun – the planning starts right now 🙂
Tips, advices etc. are warmly welcomed! One week of my 3 weeks travel I will stay at the lapoint surf camp and spend my new years eve there.  Let´s see where else it will take me 🙂

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  1. Andy Hawke

    You’ll love Sri Lanka,lovely people & stunning scenery. Good surf scene in Hikkadewa in the south. If you can ride a bike it’s worth hiring one & taking a road trip. Don’t worry about the solo travel bit, lots of fellow travelers & friendly locals. Enjoy.

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