SRI LANKA travel preparations – 4 weeks to go!

As my first solo trip to Sri Lanka is coming closer and closer I thought about giving you an update on how my preparations are going. Note: today, Tuesday 24th of November is not only 1 month until christmas (which I am spending alone without my family for the first time!) but also exactly 4 weeks to go to my first solo adventure of 3 weeks in Sri Lanka. In this blog entry you will find my status of planning and already some must sees I found 😉

First I would recommend everyone to check your latest vaccines such as Hep A & B as well as rabies. I still need to to that but I should be fine, considering my last travel to Costa Rica in March 2014. If you are from Vienna, as I am, I can highly recommend you the “tropeninstitute” – they are super friendly and the opening hours are AMAZING! 😀

Second you can apply for a visa online easily. It helps to do it ahead!

I already prepared a rough travel route (you can find my my super cool google maps link here, which my mother loves by the way!) Although I haven’t decided on most of it yet, this is somehow my plan at the moment:

  • First week: I want to discover the island and see the main attractions and stunning nature of Sri Lanka. Traveling from north to south the plan is to stop and see the following: Sigiriya and Dambulla Rajamaha Viharaya, travel on and maybe spend one night in Kandy and explore the city, moving on to Nuwara Eliya and take the 5200 steps up to the top of Adams Peak on the next morning to see – hopefully a stunning view “i will never forget”.
  • Second week: Surf, surf, surf – I already told you in my last entry.
  • Third week: I don´t know yet, I´ll see what others are up to and how I feel at that moment. Maybe I will stop for some Ayurveda before coming home! – I am not sure whether to go to Galle and Hikkaduwa, but already marked it on my google maps – still open for all your tips!

I bought myself the Stefan Loose travel guide – but have to admit, that although I love reading travel guides and find them very helpful I always keep looking for accommodations online and love reading the reviews of others! (note to myself: write reviews on tripadvisor!) 

PS: I am already planning the next surf adventure with a friend of mine – around april! We thought about Marocco, but did not decide yet. Any recommendations? Places to stay? Leave your tips in the comment box! 🙂

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