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Three weeks went by since I am back from working at Florida and I had some time for myself – what was obviously very badly needed as you can read in my last blog entry “Coming home. Silence” but now I am (almost) back with full energy! Last sunday I posted a picture on Facebook only, and I just wanted to copy paste the text that came into my mind on that weekend and share it with you, in case you missed it.

Aaaaaaaaaalright – that came unexpected – but makes it even more exciting! Before starting to Fort Lauderdale, Florida again, where I am working at an event, I am having a short stop at the West Coast and enjoy the weekend watching the worlds best surfer compete at beautiful San Clemente.

TWO MONTH TO GO – JIHAAA In November I am visiting one of the most impressive girls I ever met. Anna, who recently finished her bachelor degree and is doing an internship in New York at the moment. As I have never been in New York before – only at Newark Airport – I read around 1000 webpages and my marco polo even twice. I asked all of my friends for advice what to do and wow – I am not sure how all of that should fit into 7

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