New York – how to do it all!

New York, New York – a city so nice, they named it twice. And there is even more to see and to do than you can ever imagine. Never could I imagine how big this city really is, until I went there for a 10 days trip. And of course I wanted to do it all, but there are several reasons, why this is simply not possible.

I am sure you are keen on how to see everything in New York but I am very sorry to disappoint you. It is not, that I hadn’t tried (you might know my todo list for New York I published before my trip) but after about 1 1/2 days I decided for myself, to let it go because you can never do it all. This is of course on the one hand due to the size of the city and the variety of things to do and see and on the other hand I don´t wanna travel under pressure. For me, it is more important to do those things I feel are right at the moment and do it with all of my heart. So my tip for you – no matter which city or country you are visiting: listen to what your body says!

So, what do you want?

Do you wanna work out in the morning or party all night? Do you wanna see the tourists sports or discover your own? Do you wanna travel to relax and learn or to check your todo list? Of course, these ideas are not mutually exclusive 😉 A mixture of the must do´s and getting lost are my personal perfect fit when discovering a new city and I did so. I skipped some points on my todo list and followed whatever came to my mind and tried not to push myself too much. The good thing? There are lots of things to see when I come back, which I will definitely do. 🙂

In the following weeks, I will tell you about my stay in New York from –

What´s your experience when traveling to a city and you wanna do and see as much as possible?


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  1. Good advice! I lived there for a month in 2014, and I know there is so much more to see! I know if I ever take my mom with me, we’ll be in museums the whole time, lol. I never expected to like NYC, but it is a wonderful city. 🙂

  2. Great advice! I lived in NYC for over a year and still didn’t do it “all”. It’s impossible! Not only is the city jam packed with amazing things to see and do, there are constantly fun and interesting festivals and events and always new shows, clubs, restaurants and bars to visit. Thanks for sharing!

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