California callin’ !

Aaaaaaaaaalright – that came unexpected – but makes it even more exciting! Before starting to Fort Lauderdale, Florida again, where I am working at an event, I am having a short stop at the West Coast and enjoy the weekend watching the worlds best surfer compete at beautiful San Clemente.

This friday, Sep 11 I going to fly from Vienna (my hometown) to New York and catch the next plane to Los Angeles. Then I will hop into a little rented car and drive down toooooooooooo…… San Clemente – Trestles south to see the Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles! WOW! This is going to be

  • the first time for me to see a World Surf League event
  • the first time to be at the beach at San Clemente
  • (hopefully) the first time for me to catch a wave in America
  • the first time to drive a car in the US – puh, not sure if I am so excited about THAT O.o
  • the first weekend off and abroad since I don´t know when
  • an awesome one (I hope 😉 )

On my way back to Los Angeles I will drive the I1, which absolutely everyone is talking about when mentioning California. As I am not yet sure if the US is a country where I probable would be able to live (as everything is just bigger and I am a very small person 😀 ) But more details in my blog post AFTER I have been there!SwatchWomensPro - ShawnParkin

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