New York: let one week of excitement start! + Packinglist

Three weeks went by since I am back from working at Florida and I had some time for myself – what was obviously very badly needed as you can read in my last blog entry “Coming home. Silence” but now I am (almost) back with full energy! Last sunday I posted a picture on Facebook only, and I just wanted to copy paste the text that came into my mind on that weekend and share it with you, in case you missed it.

“What I am doing this weekend? Absolutely nothing! Ok – not absolutely nothing – but I turned off my phone, packed by bags and left – off to visit a friend in Salzburg and we just walked and walked and walked and talked. Talked over what’s important in life and where we are right now. Where we wanna be and what we would change if we could. But wait. “What if” is not the question you should ask yourself. You should just do it. Love it – change it – or leave it. That’s what it’s all about!”

Overthinking so many things – that´s how I am and although a lot of people tell me to stop that, I just can’t and I will not. I will try to concentrate on the future and focus on how to use that habit in a positive way. Looking ahead is something you should never loose. Looking behind and reflecting things is good, but never forget that you can’t change what happened, you can just do yourself a favor and make the future YOUR future!

I am blessed having some very close friends that do not only listen to me but also question my thoughts. To me this is one of the most important things in live. Right next to traveling 😉 and this is where I wanna continue …

22-kleinWhile I am writing this post I am packing my bag for a one week trip to New York, which I planned a long time ago and I can’t wait to leave tomorrow morning! I already prepared a list of the classical New York must dos – which I am of course going to visit, as IT IS MY FIRST NEW YORK STAY – but of course I wanna take you with me at my personal journey too. Therefor a blog entry of what I saw and experienced will follow when I am back!

For one week the following items are on my list, next to the most important ones: As it is expected to be a quite warm week – YES – INDIAN SUMMER 😀 – I will only take my leather jacket and two big scarves with me as well as one pair of sneakers (which I will be wearing for the flight), ankle boots and running shoes as well as flip flops for showering at the hostel. about 7 shirts in one shade of color, one pair of jeans, black leggings, underwear of course and socks! Moreover I will wear a huge hoodie for flying, as I just NEED to have it cosy at the plane (I am such a freezy!) and take two wests with me and two blazers – one white and one black. As we are going to see the New York philharmonic orchestra I also take two dresses with me to decide on the day, depending on how I feel. I really wanna go for a run often, but I think, that two running shirts and one short is enough. Two beanies and a pair of gloves – just in case it gets colder as planned!

I planned to go shopping a little bit too, but tried to pack as much, just in case I would not have the time to buy some stuff 😉 I have not yet decided whether I wanna take my laptop with me. On the one hand I would love to continue writing on my other projects and on the blog, but on the other hand I wanna concentrate on the travel experience – Oh I am so bad at making decisions! 😀 I will tell you afterwards how I decided 😉 Until then – Bye Bye!

You wanna know earlier what I discover, where I am and how long I party?
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