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In November I am visiting one of the most impressive girls I ever met. Anna, who recently finished her bachelor degree and is doing an internship in New York at the moment. As I have never been in New York before – only at Newark Airport – I read around 1000 webpages and my marco polo even twice. I asked all of my friends for advice what to do and wow – I am not sure how all of that should fit into 7 days, but I will do my best 🙂 These are my definite must sees and dos for this exciting week in the city that never sleeps.

Sight Seeing
Of course there are the classical must sees Staten Island Ferry (to see Governor’s Island and the Statue of Liberty) and the Grand Central Terminal (as I love train stations – maybe I am a Harry Potter child ;)).

By night i really wanna see the Brooklyn Bridge, which stands for “new life”, is frequently used for running and connects Brooklyn and Mahatten, as well as the Times Square, as both of them are always lit-up beautifully on all the pictures I saw so far! Of course I wanna go for a run at the Central Park and I read, that at sundown the Highline Park in Chelsea is still a good kept secret but definitely worth seeing. Furthermore I will go on top of the Rocks – the viewing desk at Rockefeller Center.

As I love letting my mind wander and rest I enjoy flea markets a lot. On the one hand most of the time they are super busy, but also I often find some kind of stillness in it – therefor I will have a look to the brookly flea. Also it is too sad, that I miss the famous New York City Marathon, which takes place at the 1st of Nov 15, that event is definitely worth seeing and joining!

Thats in my todo list in terms of culture in New York: 

  • Go to see a broadway musical – I heard, that at TKTS at Times Square the rest tickets are sold – which I will absolutely make use of!
  • As I love the atmosphere of museums and it is worldwide famous I will definitely visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Museum of modern art (MoMa), where I heard the tip that at friday night you are allowed to pay whatever amount you want.

I love eating pretty as much as traveling – as it is so diverse in the different countries and regions that there is always something new to discover! Therefor I looked up what the “must eats” in New York are – besides the famous hot dog at time square. It is said, that the Gourmet Garage is an absolute must see. Their motto is “Shop Like a Chef!“ meaning there you can buy the best ingredients for your meal – moreover it is also possible to have some snacks there. Specialities from all over the world are offered. This is ON TOP OF MY LIST 😀 Last but not least I would like to eat at the spice market new york and see TreBeCa. Too sad I cannot attend the New York Restaurant week, but on their webpage it is said, that the next one is going to be one in Winter 2016 – I recommend it to everyone who is in New York then and don’t hesitate to tell me – what did you like most about it?

We´ll see where it will take me and I am so longing for this trip, as there has been a lot of work recently and my brain needs to recharge its batteries pretty soon! Do you have any tips or hidden places for me? Love to have your comment on that, leaving on 2nd of November, there is still plenty of time to tell me your personal highlights!

PLUS: I JUST came across this article of surfmageurope – where New York is mentioned – surfing – the Big Apple right in front of you? WOW! Will definitely look after the weather forecast and keep my wetsuit ready! Here some of the surf spots in New York are listed 😉

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  1. emil says:

    Sounds like a great list! Do yourself a favor and have lunch at Balthazar bakery in Manhatten. The have to most amazing salads and really affordable even for New York standards – also for take away. Another gourmet advice – Souen in Soho. Macrobiotic food at its finest and not only healthy but the best lunch and dinner i have had in the US. So make a stop at one or better both and enjoy:) Best Emil

  2. weather says:

    Hey, I remember planning my first trip to New York and doing exactly what you are, trying to work out what amazing things I could fit in.
    Since you like museums I would suggest Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum just next to Central Park. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright one of, if not the best architect so not only does it have the museum part but it’s also an interesting building to see.
    I went to Hells Kitchen Flea Market during my visit and was really disappointed so I would not recommend that flea market but afterwards I did visit Chelsea Food Market which was beautiful and had some amazing food! We were so torn because there was so much amazing stuff to eat but we also wanted to save our tummies since we were on our way to Little Italy for dinner haha such a dilemma to have.
    I blogged about my time in New York if you’d like to read/see anymore about it.
    Good luck with your trip!

    • malindkate says:

      Wow! Thanks a lot, what did you not like about it? Can you remember?
      Will read through your blog today 🙂 best, kate

      • weather says:

        I don’t really remember but reading back on what I posted we just found nothing interesting and the place was very quiet and just not buzzing with the atmosphere I imagined or the kind of items I had heard all about.

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