Yoga Retreats 2019

Friends, a House & the Sea – Imsouane, Morocco

23. Feb – 2.Mar

It´s time! Explore & Bloom.
Yoga Retreat.
Agistri Island, Greece

27th April – 1st May

Spring has arrived and we are welcoming the longer days. Come spend a long weekend together at a little island just a ferry ride away from Athens. Setting new intentions and manifesting them. Exploring our body and the island, refreshing our mind. Planting good thoughts that we can start blooming. Now´s the time!
Get all the details about the Yoga Retreat in Greece here.

Surf-Yoga Workshop Day Salzburg 6th July

The right Yoga moves and a positive, engaging mindset will improve your surfing by far. With this workshop you are making a huge step into the right direction – by learning the advantages for the right yoga approach both pre- and after surfing – physically and mentally. You will move, you will learn, you will absorb and get to know like-minded people. A day full of Surf-Yoga, training, workshops and new friends. Your personal plus is a handout you will be given to take all the newly learned information with you back home.

Surf yoga workshop ocean girl eagle arms

Yoga & Surf

Feb 2020/location tbd

Surfing and Yoga go hand in hand, complimenting each other perfectly. Reconnecting with nature by feeling the water underneath the board. Gliding, flowing, embracing nature and your body.

You´ll learn what parts of your body you should take care of most as a surfer, stretching, opening and relaxing. Also, you will learn juicy flows to prepare your body for your next surf adventure. Strengthening body and mind.


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