Surf-Yoga Workshop

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Surfing & Yoga – A workshop day that connects.

The right Yoga moves and a positive, engaging mindset will improve your surfing by far. With this workshop you are making a huge step into the right direction – by learning the advantages for the right yoga approach both pre- and after surfing – physically and mentally. You will move, you will learn, you will absorb and get to know like-minded people. A day full of Surf-Yoga, training, workshops and new friends. Your personal plus is a handout you will be given to take all the newly learned information with you back home.

I am intenting to provide this workshop in different cities, so if you are interested in having me over, I am happy to talk to you!


Salzburg, Austria

Munich, Germany

Surf Yoga Girl Workshop Day Intention

The Schedule

The day is split into two packages, the Pre Surf-Yoga package before noon and the Mental Surf-Yoga package in the afternoon.


active, flowy Surf-Yoga Vinyasa class

11:15am – 11:30am
short break

11:30am – 1pm
Pre-Surf Yoga Asana Workshop

In the morning we will focus on strengthening. I will guide you through a flowy, strong and sweaty pre Surf-Yoga class in motion with the sea ocean. This way we start active and powerful. You will have a short break to refresh yourself before we dive into the Asana workshop. Here I will outline some very important positions that prepare you for the surf right before paddling out into the lineup. This way you will be able to surf even longer and better.You are welcome to interact during this time.  You will get the flow and the asanas to “take-away” for your own home practice!

Surf yoga girl workshop warrior 1 virabadrasana


How about chating and getting so know like-minded people? Individual souls that feel the connection to the ocean the same way as you do? I would say YES PLEASE! For the Lunch break I offer to stay at the studio with me. Exchange experiences and get to know the people who share the love for the sea with you.

You can eather bring your food or also get something close by, as we are located right in the city center. Please note that food will not be provided by me. Lunch break will be 1 hour – from 1 – 2pm.



2pm – 3:15pm
Intention setting Workshop: find your personal surf Surf-Mantra

3:15pm – 3:30pm
short break

3:30pm – 5pm
Yin-Yoga After-Surf class

In the afternoon we will redirect our attention inwards. We will start the afternoon with an intention setting workshop. During a short meditation I will guide to find your personal Surf Mantra. Then we will be working on finding the right words for you. Please take a pen and a notebook to write into with you. This intention will guide you and motivate you toward your next surf. After a short break we will close the day with a relaxing After-Surf Yin class. We stretch and work on the fascia. A classical after Surf-Yoga class. You will be manifesting your Intention and plant the seed, that will grow until your next surf adventure.

Surf yoga workshop Malasana mental coaching girl


Your personal plus when attenting the workshop is, that I will provide you with a summary of the day – collected in an e-book. The most importand angels of the day as well as the yoga sequences will be included in there. This way you can look everything up and work on your Surf-Yoga back home as well.



The workshops can be booked individually, but I would highly recommend to join for the whole day!

  • A whole day full of Surf-Yoga including 2 lead classes, 1 asana and 1 intention setting workshop + e-book € 75,-
  • Bring a friend and you both get a dicount of € 5,- / payment of € 70,- each.
  • Pre Surf-Yoga / Mental & After Surf-Yoga  each € 40,- if booked seperately.

What to bring?

An open mind, pen & paper as well as lunch.

Please wear Yoga clothes. You could consider bringing a second shirt for after the first class. There are opportunities to change, but no showers. I also recommend to bring thick socks and a compy hoody for the workshops as the body cools down easily.
Yoga Mats and Probs will be available in the Gallery.

I cant wait to get to know you!

Namaste, Kate

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