Time Offline – I am back

There hasn´t been a proper update here in on my blog over half a year. No writing. No pictures. Just some Instagram posts that gave you a vague idea of what I was doing. So I think it is time. And although I already wrote a blog post about being offline, which was approximately one year ago, I think I owe you another one. This is gonna be honest, personal and not as long as you might expect.


So, to tell you the truth: there is no real reason why I did not write a post in ages. The thing is, that there are simply other things I did and so I haven’t been online a lot in general. Also, to be online I would have had to spend a lot of time in the house. I only have a prepaid card for the phone at the moment and the Wifi does not reach any area outside the house. (This made me also realize how some people hang around on their phone most of their free time!)

Although I love my blog and doing things online I have to admit, that being social with real people, face to face, has been at least as rewarding to me. And this is basically what I did the last seven month. Volunteering in a surf camp lead to getting to know around 1000 people over the whole season. Some became friends, some I can’t event remember the names. The ones I spend a lot of time with all had different stories to tell. I once more learned, that everyone has to bear his or her burden. That we are all different in so many ways and still we are somehow all the same. We live. And so do I. And this is just the beginning of my journey.

So what did I really do?

The last month I volunteered in a surf camp, as said, and the crew has been like a little family. Portugal became my new home and my daily routine changed dramatically. Working and living together in a camp, where people (guests) come and go on a daily basis, is a huge difference to an office job and your own little apartment, my little safe haven. But more to that soon 🙂

Getting to know new people, spending time outside, doing a lot of sport. That was my new daily routine and I simply did not feel like writing. Also because writing takes time. It takes patience and also the right moment. This is why I am back now. I just did not feel like writing for some time, but now I do feel the urge to write again. I collected a lot of ideas throughout the last month and I am super excited to share a lot of new blog posts with you.

Last but not least, I am gonna tell you where I am heading next: I am gonna spend the next couple of month in Central America, starting in Panama and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you!



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