The real me. The traveler.

Most of the time we are more ourselves than somewhere else while we are traveling. We are the true “me, myself and I” selfish travelers who (basically) don’t give a f** about anyone else. It appears to me, that living in one place, where there is a lot of consumption going on, influences me more than I even noticed. You turn into a multiple you. Changing your outfit, your personality, maybe even your attitude even within a day. When you leave work and meet up with friends. When you are with your family or just at home with your love. That is not possible while you’re traveling. You are just You. That´s what I love. Being me.

“Travel far enough to meet yourself”
Cloud Atlas

I don’t need much.

I do not wear makeup. I brush my hair once a week: to be precise: whenever I wash it 😉 I rarely cut my hair, I don’t color my hair. I only look in the mirror two times a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening. To see if I got rid of all the toothpaste on my lips.

I have two dresses and two shorts, two bikinis, and one hoodie. That´s more or less it. My flip-flops are my best friends if I am not able to walk barefoot. I don’t have a bunch of outfits to choose from. I am not multiple characters. I am just myself. One person. I am reduced to what I really am. Me, Myself.

Minimalistic living has shown us how it is to live only with the most necessary things, not following the consumption hype that surrounds us every day. My task to myself is, to keep to a simpler lifestyle, even if I should go and settle down somewhere again. To remind myself more often, that less is more and that I am happier having a good conversation than just another pair of shoes.

I am honest.

The real traveler is shockingly honest. We only spent time with people we like. Because it is our time, and we know that. We tell people what we don’t like. But we also tell them with all of our heart when we love what they do. What they create. We appreciate little things and worth-ship small gestures a lot more. We are happy for others. There is no reason to look at someone, thinking that he or she does not deserve it.

I am selfish.

I do what I want. Because I don’t have to do what others want. I don’t have to follow the crowd. I don’t have to swim with the current. I can get up early or sleep in late. I can meet people and have a drink or watch a movie and fall asleep. I can go for a surf or a walk. I can get to know someone or stay by myself. It is my decision and it is my life. And it feels so good to finally figuring that out for myself. And let´s be hones, it took my quite a while to get here. 😉

But as I have discovered now I wanna tell you: I automatically take care of others and love to make little compliments – even more! That might sound contradictory to you, but being selfish tought me to find compromises with others. Because sometimes you wanna share and sometimes there is no way around than to speak to others and find a way together. Because you are not alone on this world. 😉 Sharing means to keep others in mind. And being selfish means even more to take care of your surroundings. It does not mean shutting the outer world off. it means, that you simply do more of what you love.

PLUS: this differs so much, depending if I traveling solo (again ;)) or if I am on the road with someone together. Traveling has tought me to be good at both. Because practice makes perfect 😀

I am grumpy.

Sometimes we are in a bad mood. Because we are. But we are the ones who choose to change it. Because change is a constant part of your life. And if this feeling continues at the place that you are at that specific moment, then you can simply move on. In search of our happy place. We move on alone or with someone we share interests. And then the paths separate again. But that’s alright. Because we are the traveler.

And let’s be honest. I am not grumpy (anymore) because:
I am more myself. I am happy. I am grateful. I take things easier and I enjoy life to the fullest.

Of course, I am exaggerating here, but this is how I am now. This is what (solo) traveling has made out of me. And I love it. I love my development. Every single step was worth it.

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