Home. my little safe haven.

As I have been out of town for 6 weeks and knew that I would be traveling another 10 days after only 4 days at Vienna, I decided to save some money and allowed someone to take over my flat for two month. As some of you might know, after traveling a lot and not being at home, you just need a place where you feel comfortable. And I had not had that for a long time.

While I was studying I lived in a students flat, sharing bathroom and kitchen with two others, who were lovely, but I knew, that I needed a place on my own. When I finished my masters degree I went home to Vienna and stayed at my mothers house. Although I love that place I wished myself a little flat and almost thought about moving into a shared flat again. But then one of my best friends showed me a flat which would be available within the next month. When I first walked in, I immediately knew – here I wanna stay. A word and a blow and I moved in in early December ´15.

As already said, I was very busy that summer, stayed away due to my job and came home after almost two month. Coming home is something special. Even more having a place you call home. Something where you recreate yourself. Although I love being away, seeing so many countries, cities, getting to know people from all over the world, learning about different cultures, I have to admit, that I love my hometown Vienna. And that I love my little cody flat, which I have all by myself. There is still so much to do and a bunch of things missing, but I don’t feel like I have to finish all of it by now.

In spring I only had one day at home between two 10 days trips and so much to do, but all I did was lay down at my couch and watch TV. sometimes you just need to slow down, take a break, be alone. And that’s when I feel absolutely happy to have my little safe haven here in Vienna.

PS: while I am writing this blog entry I am listening too loud music and try to get my chaos under control, just got so many things out of the cellar and gonna give a lot of the clothes I am not wearing any longer to donation. I am already leaving again for three weeks in 5 days! *busygirl 😉



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