Coming home. Silence.

This is what I need so badly right now. That is also why it has been “silent” on my blog quite long, although I managed to write some entries. But at the moment I don´t feel like I am ready to write a lot. I don´t know if you are familiar with that feeling, but sometimes you have a time in your life where you just wanna be with yourself, read a lot, watch interesting videos, meet up with people and question the world. When you wanna go out and enjoy, that you actually have the time to enjoy your time.

After the last exhausting month of traveling and working I now feel like I have to make good the time I haven’t been here. When I haven’t met my friends. When I wasn’t able to choose between a bunch of books. When I wasn’t able to just lay on my couch with my phone turned off and the world not needing a thing from me.

Although I love my job and especially the fact that you work towards a goal and then finally this week you have worked towards is here, and it is even more exhausting again, but you see the result. You feel, that you have done a good job and that it is over. And you go HOME. This is usually the moment when I get ill (haha) because all of the pressure of the last weeks and month are gone and my body can feel the relaxations and kind of catches the moment saying – hey now its my turn! I need to relax! – So I was kind of getting sick the last two weeks and now that I am back I am ready. But. ready for what?

There are so many thoughts in my head I need to sort (& a lot of chaos in my flat too!) I feel the inner urge to meet all of my beloved ones and chat and drink and laugh and talk over silly and unnecessary things. And I feel, that this is the right moment now, all the entries about my travel are out in second place. They are there – there is no question (Ok one moment I thought that i lost my SD Card and all my pictures are gone but I found it!!) and I am about to write them. I have a lot of notes and ideas already and my next getaway is just around the corner (as I am visiting one of my tightest friends in Salzburg on long weekend at the end of October) and then New York so is close and I am sure I just have to glimpse and I am already in Ski Lanka, doing my first solo backpack trip ever! WOW – even writing down that makes me excited! 🙂

But for now I just wanted to let you know – I love doing what I think is the right thing at that moment. And now it is kind of collect information in my head to be ready for a new push. Sharing feelings and thoughts with friends and just have a good time without making too much pressure on myself. And isn’t that what life is all about? Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness 🙂

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