2018, I am thankful for…

Finishing up this year I started journaling on a 2018 recap and ended up with this blog post. So here we are, saying goodbye to a year that was full. Packed with new challenges, travels, laughter and tears.

My Yoga Teacher Training in India.

1st of January 2018. Landing of my flight in Goa, after I spent New Years on the plane, on my way to India to do, what was one hell of an emotional roller coaster. I did my 200h Yoga Teacher Training.

Living in Salzburg and spend time with old and new friends.

Returning after almost 2 years of traveling in February, was hard. Also, I moved to another City, Salzburg. Soon I started babysitting and met one of the funniest girls I know. Also I was very close to one of my best girlfriend, that I shared so many student memories with. What was even more: I move together with my best friend. Which I happened to fall in love with. Which was also one of the best parts of the year:

Falling in love.

I was single for 5 years. Sometimes I was longing to fall in love, in between I had completely given up on finding someone who would fit to me. Most of the time I enjoyed being single, but then out of the blue it hit me, and I fell in love with a men that I had known for 1,5 years already. I guess, it was just perfect timing for both of us!

Teaching Yoga

In June I started teaching Yoga 2 hours per week and found total bliss in that. I still can´t believe how much energy it gave me. Even when I was tired and did not want to bike the 5km to the park, once I started my lesson I was in the flow. I felt so alive and strong. When the 60 minutes were over and I was on my bike home I could still see the smiles of the students and hear their kind words. Even sometimes when I felt overwhelmed by how many people came to my classes, I somehow found a way to teach. I guess I fell in love with Teaching Yoga.

Hello little Home on Wheels!

The summer was filled with a lot of work, some holidays in Spain and ended with Andi and me buying a Van. Starting at the beginning of September, we converted the Van within six weeks and the goal was set: we gonna leave before winter starts and head south. During that time I also turned 30. Still don´t feel like it anyway 😉


Getting to know me even more

My boyfriend left Austria first and I joined him after I had finished up all my work in Salzburg. Being all “alone” again, I ended up doing a lot of self-practice of Yoga. I found friends in the lovely Yoga Community in Salzburg and joined a lot of classes here and there. I opened up my self-employment business again and packed up my back at the end of November to take a flight to Portugal.


It´s been a month already now. Cruising through the Algarve and Andalusia and I´ll tell you a little secret: 2019 will start by taking a ferry: We are heading over to Morocco! 

Ups and Downs

Of course, 2018 hasn´t been all ups. There were a lot of downs, moments of pure exhaustion. Long phone calls with friends that would try calm me down. Lots of worries and questioning my life. Hugs from my boyfriend who was there by my side all way through. My chronical illness came back and I was at the hospital a couple of times, but I made it!

Big Plans

2019 I will spend on doing what I love most. Teaching Yoga, writing and exploring and surfing with my best friend, my boyfriend. We are currently working on some projects, as for example our campervan building blog and shop. I am still working on my book (hell yeaahh!), and we have so many other ideas in mind already! Make sure you stay up to date and sign up to my new Newsletter!

pictures by Andreas Weiss

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