Merry Christmas! BUT: No presents – PLEASE!

So what did you get your loved ones for christmas this year? Did you search the web for like a thousand hours to find tips on what fits best to whom? Did you keep there zodiac signs in mind when deciding on the presents? Or did you go with a voucher for books or a huge retail store where they can get themselves whatever they want? To me all of this seems so absurd.


Since a few years Christmas has dramatically changed for me. Not only the loss of one of the most important people in my life has changed my mind. Also the more I travel I change on how I think about presents and a life of excessively consumption.

Don’t hate me immediately! Of course I get my beloved ones something sweet, a little thought or something personal too. I think there is no mistake in getting someone something he or she really wants or e.g. support them to fulfill their dream. What I am speaking of, when saying you should skip the presents, is getting something just for the thought “I have to buy something because it is Christmas!”

How about asking the people how you can help to full fill their dreams?
How about turning off your smartphone on christmas and focusing on listening to what others have to say?
How about offering to host Christmas at your home this year? Or simply help with cooking?

What is more ..

It´s not that I forgot about the Christmas feeling (complete). It just feels different at the moment. When I was just a little kid Christmas was pure magic. My brother and I were fascinated by this time of the year and could not wait the first advent to come. At the moment we do not have kids within our close family, but I am sure this feeling will come back when I get the chance to pass this magic Christmas feeling on to the next generation.

My mother totally feels ok with me going to travel over christmas, as we know, that we do not necessarily need a religious day to come together as a family, lough and drink some wine. And this is what it is all about at the moment. of getting together and celebrate that we have each other. 

You might think, that this entry comes a little bit late, and looking at the fact, that I am already in Sri Lanka since the 23rd December and not at home with my family, this is more like a flashback of what I think is most important on Christmas. My mother, my brother and I already got together at the 20th this year. Thank you very much for celebrating christmas early with me! <3

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