Checklist! Essentials for (almost) every trip

Traveling also means to organize and to have a good overview while still not forgetting the most important things. And although we all know which these items are, there is always this one thing, when I go for a trip that I forget. Its my toothbrush. And I am sure there you know what I am talking of. The harder you try NOT to forget something, the more you can be sure, that in the end there is something missing.

Most of the things you can also travel without, but some are very important. I also forgot my passport at home once, when we went for an important meeting to Zürich for one day, but, lucky girl, I made it without it. Every time when I pack my bag or suitcase I write down my checklist once again and for that reason the following mini – most important – travel checklist isn´t just one for you, but also for myself 😉

  • Documents such as …
    • passport (+copy)
    • flight details
    • travel insurance
    • credit card
    • international driving license
  • Global plugin adapter
  • Laptop, camera and phone plus individual charger of each of them
  • Prescription medication (how long do you stay, how much do you need to take with you?)
  • First aid kit
  • Shampoo, face cream, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, razor

Although it can be very warm in some countries you might travel to, I always have to bring a beanie, a hoodie and warm socks with me. Especially when flight long distance, these can help you not to catch a cold when heading to your next adventure.

You wanna create an online Checklist for all the things you want to take with you? I personally can recommend you the Universal Packing List, an online customization tool for your journey. Although it takes a little time to create the list, it´s an easy tool and what I like most it already offers you what you might take with you and all you have to do is click and it is added to your personal list. Furthermore it gives a good overview of the various things you might wanna pack.

But what is most important on my opinion is to take a smile and positive attitude, wanderlust and the will to learn as well as some time to not stress yourself. What are your personal must-take-with-you´s?

Checklist - Essentials for every trip

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  1. Julia

    My personal must-bring are comfy leggings. Especially if you are a longtime traveller and you know you have to travel by (night-)bus or by car there is nothing better than leggings. Although at home I’m in the opinion “leggings are no trowsers” they are always part of my travel clothes. 😉

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