Next time I am in New York I will …

.. do more of what makes me happy 🙂 As New York is one of those cities you can never get enough of, I am sure I will come back and see and discover even more, than I have done the last time.

Why? Because I already have don’t the “most important things” seen a lot, know how to take the metro 😀 haha and would like to focus more on what I am really interested in. This is why I already prepared a little list of things I want to to for my next New York trip:


First of all: Go surfing. Jap, I wanted to do it. Jap I said  I would do it, but obviously I did not do it. As my surfing skills improve more and more – I am actually at a surfing trip when this blog entry is online – just look for Sri Lanka on my blog and you will find what I am about to do in that moment 😉 – I am sure it will be even more fun with better skills the next time I visit New York.

Second: Go on top of the Rocks + Cafe enjoy the view with a cup of coffee. You might already know that I am totally not the touristic traveller. I hate to wait in lines, crowds – no matter where – and stress people around me.

I got inspired by all the tales at the metro stations and really would like to take my time to see as much of them as possible and read about the stories behind. plus there is a hidden subway station I would like to find 😉

Also the New York City Public Library will take a lot of time but I am looking forward to discovering different facets and opportunities the library has to offer.

Eat a Hot Dog and take a long walk through central park. Although I already saw a lot of the Central Park I would like to take a tour here too. To discover what you might never know without speaking to a local.



ALso I did not party a lot the last time, so I would love to at least go to a rooftop bar and have some cocktails there. What fits better to that Sex in the City being than shopping? Therefor I would also like to go to one of this huge outlets everyone told me of and spend a little bit of money there 😉 (but only if the Dollar/Euro rate is better!) Last but not least I am going to do an Upper East Side tour and watch a football match!




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  1. Hi Katharina,

    going surfing in NYC sounds just like the perfect thing for you – and it’s so beautiful out there in Rockaway!

    There actually are several secret subway stations in the city. Try and find these two:
    6 train between 23rd Street and 14th Street – if you look really hard, you will see the abandoned station in the dark as you go by.
    Downtown 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall: This is the last stop. Stay on the train if you dare – it goes through an old, hidden station while turning around.

    I hope you’ll be able to do all of this soon!

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