My top 10 Instagram Moments 2015


As the year 2015 is now officially over, I wanted to share my top Instagram pictures with you. If you aren´t following me yet, make sure you do it NOW – klick! – 😛 Looking back my followers increased steadily and taking in consideration, that I started this blog in May I am very proud of my little “achievements” of far 🙂 T H A N K – Y O U to everyone who believes in me, reads this blog and supports me!

Actually I did not follow the story in details, just read, that there are a lot of people wrote about it but I wanted to mention it anyway: Of course some of my pictures are made a little bit better with the one or other filter, but I would not consider myself as someone who constantly spends time just with editing pictures or on Instagram. Also You might see, that although I try, I often don’t care about the color or the fit of my whole feed.

My wake surf picture on Lake Wörthersee has been the most liked one and I am not surprised, because it shows me, that you got, that I was sooooo happy at that moment! Also my pictures from Norway has got a lot of love 🙂

What were your favorites, who are your following who I should definitely follow too?

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