To travel has always been a big dream of mine. But I was more one of the shy people, who needed other people to support. I kinda had the feeling that I needed an outside opinion to be able to embrace myself and I often was, and still am, afraid of doing things ALONE. I needed that little push. Someone else to enter the room first. It was quite tough, and that´s why I dedicated a whole post on its own about that topic.

So how did I ended up traveling the world?

It took me a while to gain the strength and the willpower to just do it. I watched videos, I read inspirational books. I was craving the adventure, wishing it would be me who would tell that stories. I printed out quotes and pinned them onto my toilet tiles. Read it. Over and over again. I told myself, that soon its gonna be the time. I really wanted to travel, so badly.

Since then I have changed a lot and slowly I learned to do what I really want. To be spontaneous and that sometimes life writes its stories anyway. Traveling was an important step for myself to get out of my comfort zone. I learned to be “alone”, to jump, to take the wave, to feel totally at ease with myself. Not always, but more and more.

There are so many things that happened within myself once I started to let go. But more will follow offline. Here, at this blog, I want to encourage you to travel. To go your own way. To do what your heart tells you to do. I want to inspire. Not to sell you something. I want to be a friend, that you can ask. Not someone who is telling you to do something. In the end, everyone should go his or her own path.

But, why should you travel?

Everyone should go out there and travel. Even if solo traveling or vanlife is not for you, there are a million ways to travel and I am sure everyone will find their personal favorite. But: do me a favor and go out there. Watch these beautiful animals that are not existing in your own country. Listen to the sounds of the hauler monkey at 5am and smile to yourself because it is something special to experience this diversity. Explore untouched land and surprise yourself with new experiences. Get to know different cultures and taste food that you never knew existed. Find new friends, that live the same dream, A life well lived to me, is one where I can tell stories, with a smile on my face and a glowing in my heart.

Not everyone is able to travel, but most of us are. So do it. It will wake you up. It will set you free. It will make you smile and cry. And it will teach you. There are a thousand reasons to travel. In fact, there shouldn´t even be a question WHY. There should always be the question WHY NOT.




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