Where am I? 15/08/17

Every time I start a trip I used to write down my mother the dates of where I am approximately at what time. Now things seem so much easier, having Wifi all over the world makes me wanna use snapchat all the time and tell my friends and family where I am and what I do.

But I also like telling long stories when coming home after a travel. Showing selected pictures, having my loved ones close to me. Chatting over a glass of wine or hot chocolate, reflecting what I’ve seen in a well known atmosphere.

Actually I love to have friends and family who still do not have all the social networks – but love to have a good laugh with friends via snapchat and Instagram as well! What do you prefer?

So I am currently heading to Vienna airport, taking a 14h journey to my first stop in Atlanta. you wanna stay up to date? Because I am only gonna stay there one night, so where I am gonna go then? Make sure you follow me on snapchat and Instagram to follow my road! 😉

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