Hostel Pro´s & Con´s

There are so many opportunities – and the options are getting more and more each day – of where to spend the nights while traveling. Hotels, private flats or houses via Airbnb or housesitting, camping, guesthouses, apartments and of course – hostels. This post however focuses on the hostels out there around the world and what speaks for and what against staying at a Hostel. In the end it is your own decision, but it is my opinion to at least give everything a try 🙂

I entered the Hostel after a 8h hot and sticky bus ride south in Sri Lanka and had the feeling that I just won´t like this village, but then I met one of the nicest people I ever met on the road and had an amazing time. I even stayed a night longer. This is my personal absolute pro of staying at a hostel. Getting to know a bunch of people all at once. All of them are more or less in the same situation as you are and you may share some similar stories. So here are my Pro´s and Con´s of staying in a Hostel:


  • Hostels are cheap (at least most of them) BUT this depends on which room you choose. A mixed dorm room is cheaper than a women’s and a women’s cheaper than a single or double bed room. There are also “luxury Hostels” so this does not apply for all the hostels out there but it was initially on of the main goals of a hostel to be cheap, as you share a room.
  • Often Hostels are located central. Meaning public transport, party hot spots or the beach will probably be around the corner!
  • When traveling alone, on a low-budget or simply to get to know new people a hostel is definitely a good choice. They are the perfect fit for solo travelers as you are in fact never alone there. I also like the fact, that you eventually meet people again, or some who already discovered the area and can give you some tips and advises
  • Hostels have a kitchen where you can cook your own food (and so save money and get to know other people in one). Usually the kitchens are full equipped and so you simply have to buy the food to cook!
  • They offer free activities, walking tours, books, magazines, free coffee or other nice things – just ask when checking in.


  • You definitely have to cope with a lack of privacy. As you are sharing a room you will either get used to change in front of others or go to the bathroom every single time.
  • The bathrooms are often not as clean as you would like to have them.
  • Some people do not follow the “unwritten rules” 🙁 and as you share a room, you will have to live with that or speak to the hostel crew.
  • People may be loud, snore, stay up early or go to bed in the middle of the Night. They will come into the room whenever they want and leave whenever they want – if you have a light sleep this may probably wake you up.
  • When traveling in a hot country you have to find a compromise with the others regarding the room temperature (if there is an AC available)

What are your experiences regarding staying in a Hostel??

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    1. malindkate

      I never had a bad experience too, very happy about that but when I was in New York I recognized a women at the bathroom who was smelling really bad and later I got to know a girl who was sharing the dorm with that women. She said she almost can´t stand it 🙁

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