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Galle and Hikkaduwa are some of the “must sees” when visiting Sri Lanka. At least that’s what you are told in almost every tourist guide. A lovely little old town and the famous Hippie-Surf Village – where it all started for Sri Lankan surf tourism: everything you are dreaming of when it comes to the important part of being a tourist. Check – Check – Double Check 😉 But I m not a tourist. Latest in Sri Lanka I learned, that we, ourself, are the one who write the story of our life and our journeys. It is YOU who decides what you wanna see and what not. So this is somehow more than just a “What to do, where to stay” story.
SriLanka Galle old City sticknobills postcard

From Mirissa I took the bus to Galle (1h 30minutes, 80 Roupies) to see the picturesque little old town of Galle and as I was just passing through I somehow had to leave my backpack somewhere. And I was lucky once more. I met a men from the tourist office (who by the way was in Germany for a long time and spoke such a proper german!) who insisted on helping me out and so I learned a very important trick for Sri Lanka.

Whenever you wanna leave your lagguage somewhere, e.g. If you only have some hours and will then move on, there is always someone at the package service at the train station. It is not that easy to find, but when you walk past the train station (right hand side, facing the station) and do a U-turn to the left you will find someone sitting and taking care of a lot of packages. This is where you can leave your lagguage for one day. I only costs you 50 Rupies, but make sure to pick it up on time! BTW this works at tevery train station. 🙂

Before Galle became the main port of Sri Lanka (by the Portuguese in 1600) it´s name was Gimhathiththa. As you might know, that I love Portugal and the Portuguese Architecture I just needed to go there and spend some time at the old city part, which is actually very touristic, but still worth seeing! Not only is Galle the largest remaining harbor in Asia built by Europiean occupiers, the fort is also a world heritage site.

Sri Lanka Galle lighthouse

I enjoyed walking around the city a lot, as I love those small white houses and the flair of the narrow streets. After NOT shopping at SALT. (which was so hard) and finally getting the surf poster I was looking for at the StickNoBills shop I had a real coffee, which I had not had in weeks and simply enjoyed the flair.

SriLanka Galle old city partSriLanka Galle oldCitySALTShop

Sri Lanka Galle old City sticknobills

SriLanka Galle oldCity sticknobills postcards


Ok, I am so sorry, but as I suddenly fell in love with Mirissa I skipped one night in Hikkduwa and only spent one night there. But this is how life goes and I am 100 percent sure, that it was the right decision in that moment. After a little tourist action in Galle I took the bus to Hikkaduwa, which took me approx. 1h and was 55 Roupies. When I arrived it was almost dark so I tried to find the hostel as quick as possible. I stayed at the Hikka Train Hostel, which is more Sri Lankan style hostel than anything I experienced so far, but the hosts are very helpful, even if they might not be as friendly at the beginning, I am sure they have a good heart. The beds are ok, everything is clean and the breakfast is also included in the price of 1400 Roupies.

After a more than heavy rain shower, which came down immediately after I arrived in the hostel (-lucky me again!) I decided to take a walk in the inner part and look for a surf shop I heard of to maybe buy a bathing suit, as I ripped my rips a little bit open while surfing with a bikini and although I bought a surf shirt I really wanted to have a one piece. SO i stroweled around for approx. one hour looking for that famous shop which appearently does not exist. If anyone of you has a recommendation how to find such a store in Hikkaduwa, feel free to leave a comment.

Last but not least i DO have some Tips for you for Hikkaduwa: I found a lovely gallery where I bought some souvenirs. Then I just got myself fried vegetable rise and went back to the hostel with the idea of getting off early and go for s surf, as there is a good left-handed wave at the port! Furthermore there is a turtle fedchery not far away, which should be worth visiting I´vet been told. If you are up to see some turtles in wildlife: I´ve been told, that between 9.30 and 11am you can almost touch them when snorkeling at the bay in Hikkaduwa!

SriLanka Hikkaduwa GallerySriLanka Hikkaduwa Gallery2SriLanka Hikkaduwa Gallery1

Overall to me Hikkaduwa appeared very touristic. Even more than Mirissa. A lot of things are already written in German or Russian. People try to get money out of you and don´t make a secret out of that. I even met some people who stayed in Mirissa, came up to Hikkaduwa but went back to Mirissa, because it’s a little bit more laid back and not that crowded.

SriLanka Hikkaduwa Train

SriLanka Hikkaduwa Bus

How was your experience at Galle and Hikkaduwa? Share your tips and secret places with me, tell me what I missed! Not, that I would need another reason to return to Sri Lanka, I will do so anyway, but let me know what to do next!


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