What a good life I have.

I have a good life. Of that I am sure. And times like this, like when I was back home in Vienna for a week, or now that Christmas is almost over, once again showed me how good it is. And I am happy about that. I appreciate it. I embrace it and try to make it even better by being a good person.

How about you? Do you appreciate your life? Or are you one of that typical 9 to 5 clichés that moan around because it is raining (although this is one of the most important natural things on earth). Because you missed the metro (although there is another one coming in 2 minutes). Because there is no space in the restaurant (although there are a hundred more you can choose from).

Being back home in Vienna has showed me once again some sides of life that we sometimes try to ignore. Or at least I have to admit that I simply don’t think of them very often. I do not ignore them on purpose, but still I live my own life. A very good one, as I get reminded especially in that situations. While spending a week in Vienna I had the feeling that people, especially those living in cities, live next to each other, but not with each other. Everyone is its own best friend. But what makes me think even more is that I was constantly surrounded by the following:

Rude people who shout out their opinion as if it is the one and only truth. Drunk people, Alcohol addicts who smell and act without any shame. Think they rule the world. Busy people who are focused only on themselves. An success. On money. On more more more consumption. Narrow minded who do not accept other styles, thoughts and mindsets. Ignorant people that do not look around Unhappy people, people who wish for something else but never change a thing. Drug addicts, Poor people, who cannot afford their lifes. Homeless people who start freezing when winter is around the corner and will probably not feel warm until spring arrives.

The city seems to be full of them.


How about smiling at others. About being a little bit more friendly.
Don’t be angry at people when they are struggling with something – offer them your help instead.

How about being nice just because we can?
And I don’t mean that we should be naive. I simply believe that if you give good, good will come back to you as well.

How about opening your eyes and look around.
Look each other in the eye and don’t think any bad with that.
Enjoy the real life. Not the online one. Talk to each other and help each other.

How about being embracing our good life by giving some happiness back.

Yes, I believe in Karma 🙂

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