Moon Gatherings

Do you miss having a structure in your personal life? Do you struggle to find a way into your yoga journey and create a routine?

You are a woman, who wants to live her life with full commitment to your dreams. Not chasing after your todos but rather want to have a plan and choose the direction you want to go in life towards where you see yourself?

But you are struggling with how and when, with finding your intention, writing your affirmation, and sticking to routines?

By gathering with like-minded people in a rhythm with the moon you will find that finding balance in your life will become easier and more accessible for you.

Learn to Live in Tune with the Moon.

Gift yourself with

90 minutes for body, mind and soul.

There is no denying it: The moon influences nature, that is, everything around us and thus us humans. Just think of the sea, the ebb and the flood, which is more intense at full and at new moon. Now we humans consist of up to 80% of water – there it is very likely that we are also influenced by the moon and its phases.

With a little knowledge and attention, you can take advantage of the lunar cycle. To live in harmony with the moon does not mean to crouch in the forest howling at full moon and to hide away at new moon. It simply means that you pay attention to yourself, your environment and nature. You are aware that at the right moment you can take the best for yourself and your environment.

You live in harmony with your rhythm. It all starts with observing yourself, your emotions, thoughts and actions. Preferably in a 28-day rhythm. Because that’s how long the moon takes to complete its circle.

Meditation, Moon Ritual, Journaling, led Yoga Class and Space to Exchange and Gather with a like-minded Community

Upcoming Gatherings:

New Moon

Fri, Nov 5th 7pm CET

Full Moon

Fri, Nov 19th 7pm CET

New Moon

Just like the moon, now is the right time for you to make new beginnings. It is the time for a fresh start. Imagine you have an empty book in front of you whose pages want to be written on. The book reflects your life. You can decide individually where you want to steer your life and in which direction you want to take the next step. The new moon is a time of optimism, hope, confidence. It is the right moment to plant fresh seeds for your desires.

We´ll start with a guided Meditation, followed by journaling and closing with a gentle, inward facing Yoga Class. There will be space after the 90 minutes to stay in the circle and chat and share sour feelings and thoughts.

Upcoming New Moon Gathering
Fri, Nov 5th

Upcoming New Moon 2021

Thu, Nov 4th – Yoga Class will be on Fri, Nov 5th
Sat, Dec 4th – Yoga Class will be on Sun, Dec 5th

Full Moon

During the Full Moon, most of the energies are present. It is now time to reap the fruits of your labor. Even if it was only small steps. In the big picture, you have come closer to your dream during the last 14 days. But it’s also time to let go of what doesn’t serve you further.

Guided meditation and subsequent journaling will bring you into the right mood. We gather to channel our energy, exchange and support each other. Feel free to share your thoughts or stay silent. Your choice. A led yoga class will help you let go of what no longer serves you.

Upcoming Full Moon Gathering
Fri, Nov 19th

Upcoming Full Moons 2021

Fr, Nov 19th
Sun, Dec 19th

My online yoga classes are paying what you can. This way people who are financially struggling are still able to join and those who can afford more are supoorting. The recommended minimum is € 12,-/person.

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