My favourite inspirational travel videos

Those people inspire me. Their thoughts match mine. The videos give me strength. Their wanderlust shows me the beauty I haven´t seen yet, but also places I recognize and look back to with a smile. This is why I choose this post for the beginning of 2016. To inspire you. 

As I scroll a lot around in the word wide web as well as in the real world, it happens that I come across other travel addicted people and as I am more the one reading books and not reading a lot on the internet, I prefer to watch inspirational travel videos and vlogs. I decided to collect some of the videos I liked most and share with you. PLUS: what are your favorite inspirational travel videos? Leave a comment! 🙂

Sri Lanka Sunset Beach malindkate

The first video, which I remember watching for travel inspiration is the one I also posted in my first entry here at the blog why travel. At that time the original video was not available but I just saw, that it is again – so here is the video to the text by Adi ZarasadiasDon’t date a girl who travels“.

The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia – is the true story of Jedidiah Jenkins. I don´t know how to describe this video with just some words, you just have to see it and listen to that words on your own.

“Old, but gold” matches the following movies: MOVE – was one of the first travel movies I watched because it went viral on Social Media EAT and LEARN are both also from Rick Mereki and yes, it is a sponsored Video (by STA Travel Australia) but I really like the music and the concept behind those three clips. Because that is basically what you do while traveling. you move. you eat and you learn.

Time laps is a stylistic device I love when I watch clips about countries and the following one, which shows the beauty of my home country Austria withing 2.55 minutes is one of my favorites. Moreover “FilmSpektaktel” used natural sounds as an audio support. A Taste of Austria makes you want to learn more about Austria, as it only gives a glimpse of what the country has to offer.

The road story Vietnam: the szenes tie together very well, every second of the music fits perfectly. The video tells a story and therefor is even more than just segments of the travel, it seems like there has been a storybook written just for that video. LOVE IT!

Traveling- It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller” that’s how Luke Frasor`s 10 reasons to travel video starts. And this is what makes my blog to what it is. Without traveling I maybe would not tell you that much about me and more importantly I love sharing my journey with you. Also reading the story of other travel bloggers is always giving me, even more, enthusiasm to discover this beautiful world.

And this video also left me speechless. What more can I say, than I lost my heart while traveling? The sound and the scenes let me dream myself away to the next surf adventure immediately: FIND YOURSELF OUTSIDE  Did you recognize that even though there is no music, the natural sounds produce a sound on their own?

Walter Chang – wecallthishome – made a 3 years journey and put together the very best scenes in a video. Saving 2,5 years to travel to 60 countries in 3 years – WOW he sets the standards very high!

While this post came only I just left for my very first ever (longer) solo travel to Sri Lanka and read a lot of inspirational blog posts and came across the video “7 things everybody learns traveling solo” by Rough Guide (they have a bunch of cool videos – make sure to click them through) which absolutely gave me another push to finally do it.

So, what inspires you? Watching a video? Listening to music?

Which way do you wanna go?
Whatever decision it is that you have to take, take it and then stick with it. Don’t look back and ask “what if…?”. Because you can’t change the past. It is the present you are living in and the future that is yours.

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