Surf Portugal, Peniche

It was in August 2014, when I finaly fulfilled myself a big dream and went surfing for the first time. I fell in love with the sport from the very

Wild – Book

Riveted by the trailer of the movie “wild” I immediately knew, that I had to read the book and my trip to Florida was the perfect time to do so.

Losing things. A tragety? 

German version below While I was writing my entry about (almost) losing my bag it made me think about the fact of losing things in general and I felt I had to write

Losing your bag – check

Ok – we all know that that moment will come some time. But as expected it did not come expected. How else, as none of us expects their luggage not

Gedanken. freier Lauf. III

klingende Stille ein rauschendes Nichts verpixelte Momente die das Polaroidpapier zerfressen und durch den Schein der endlosen Farbdichte ein neues Bild zaubern

Surf Lisbon

I love combining city trips with sporty excursion, as it somehow gives me even more feeling for what else this place has to offer – besides the touristic cultural parts

Gedanken. freier Lauf. II

unnahbare Klänge die tönend den Punkt nicht finden und doch im Einklang mit der Farbe tanzend das Glück vollbringen. unbeschreibliche Ruhe.

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