Surf Lisbon

I love combining city trips with sporty excursion, as it somehow gives me even more feeling for what else this place has to offer – besides the touristic cultural parts

Gedanken. freier Lauf. II

unnahbare Klänge die tönend den Punkt nicht finden und doch im Einklang mit der Farbe tanzend das Glück vollbringen. unbeschreibliche Ruhe.

I learned to be alone

To be alone can be understood in so many ways, has so different meanings for people and an individual feeling deep inside for every person. To me “being alone” has a very divers meaning as I felt like it was following me through my whole live since ever.

Alleine sein, das kann so vieles heißen und fast jeder versteht darunter etwas ganz was anderes, empfindet über diesen Zustand komplett individuell.


love what you do – do what you love Often the Hashtag #lovemyjob is related to sarcasm, but I wanna state, once for more, that I really do love my

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