January 21, 2016 malindkate 2Comment

No matter if you are a tight budget traveler or love to visit the most exclusive resorts or saving for heli-skiing in canada. The following steps on how to save money helped me to reach my goal of saving money for a longer journey and so I wanted to share my tips on how to easily save money for your next travel adventure. I am aware, that there are already so many posts and articles on how to save money for your dream holiday, but nevertheless I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on how to to save as much money to fulfill your dream. I…

January 17, 2016 malindkate 17Comment

Before I will tell you what I´ve been doing in Sri Lanka, which road I took, where I went for surfing, how much money I spent etc. I wanted to give you some general tips and tricks when traveling Sri Lanka. If you stick to these “rules” you will have a much easier travel there, I promise! (more…)

January 10, 2016 malindkate

Those people inspire me. Their thoughts match mine. The videos give me strength. Their wanderlust shows me the beauty I haven´t seen yet, but also places I recognize and look back to with a smile. This is why I choose this post for the beginning of 2016. To inspire you.  (more…)

January 6, 2016 malindkate

Recently I wondered how many days I had spend at home the last year and how many abroad. This is also when I had the idea to give you a complete overview of the entries I wrote this year – my first one! – on traveling.  (more…)

January 1, 2016 malindkate

  As the year 2015 is now officially over, I wanted to share my top Instagram pictures with you. If you aren´t following me yet, make sure you do it NOW – klick! – 😛 Looking back my followers increased steadily and taking in consideration, that I started this blog in May I am very proud of my little “achievements” of far 🙂 T H A N K – Y O U to everyone who believes in me, reads this blog and supports me! (more…)

December 27, 2015 malindkate 3Comment

.. do more of what makes me happy 🙂 As New York is one of those cities you can never get enough of, I am sure I will come back and see and discover even more, than I have done the last time. (more…)