June 23, 2015 malindkate 5Comment

Portugal is definitely one of the countries you HAVE TO eat sea food. And what is one of the most common thing to do when visiting a country or a city? You search for good restaurants and bars in the area and go out for dinner – although you know that it would save a lot of money to cook on your own. Eating the local food makes us experience the culture of a land in a total new way. This is why I would always recommend to try out (almost) everything that is offered to you. (more…)

June 16, 2015 malindkate 2Comment

I LOVE BELÉM . This part oft he city has been dear to my heart from the first second on. There are some things I recommend as MUST SEES! Ich liebe Belém. Dieser Teil Lissabons ist mir sofort ans Herzen gewachsen. Was man hier auf jeden Fall nicht verpassen sollte?  (more…)

June 9, 2015 malindkate 4Comment

Lisbon is always worth a trip. The colorful tiles, the portuguese style and the friendly people make this place something special to me. And you should definitely take your time to explore this city, for nothing could be worse than heading from one point to another and not being able to stop end enjoy the little things that pop up on the way.   (more…)

June 2, 2015 malindkate 2Comment

Lisbon – love at first sight I fell in love with Lisbon. And here is why: The city is always ready to welcome you for a weekend getaway: all over the year. Go visit Lisbon! I´ve been in Lisbon for the first time in August 2014, when I took the bus to go surfing in Peniche, so I did not see that much. But I came back after 10 days and stayed there 3 days together with a girl I got to know from Australia and we both fell in love with that city immediately. (more…)

May 9, 2015 malindkate 2Comment

To be alone can be understood in so many ways, has so different meanings for people and an individual feeling deep inside for every person. Alleine sein, das kann so vieles heißen und fast jeder versteht darunter etwas ganz was anderes, empfindet über diesen Zustand komplett individuell. (more…)

May 4, 2015 malindkate

Ach wie ich diesen Hashtag doch liebe 😉 Und doch muss ich sagen, dass es einfach so ist. Dass ich meinen Job einfach gerne mag. Ich bin in einer Agentur tätig und da in der PR Abteilung – und das mache ich mit voller Leidenschaft. Vor allem im letzten Jahr war ich immer wieder selbst von mir überrascht, wie positiv ich über meinen Job rede und dass ich von ganzem Herzen sagen kann, dass ich das, wofür ich wohl momentan die meiste Zeit meines Lebens aufwende, irrsinnig gerne tue. Oft bekomme ich von Anderen gesagt, dass sie selten hören, dass jemand…

May 1, 2015 malindkate

To travel was always a big dream of mine, but as already told, I´m more of the shy person, who needed the support of others to come out and I often was, and still, I am, afraid of doing things “alone”. (But what does it mean “alone”? I think my thoughts regarding this are worth a whole entry on it´s own ;)) Since then I have changed a lot and learned to do what I really want, be spontaneous AND that life writes it´s own stories… in the last years I learned to be “alone”, to jump, to take the…