2 – Core and lower back – Boat Pose

In this lesson we will focus on working towards a strong core as well as lower back. Why do we need center stability to surf? Not only will you be able to paddle faster, but you will also gain stability which will help you remain balanced once you are standing on the board. This way you will start working on your technique. You see, a centered core power will help you a lot with your surfing. Navasana, the boat pose, is one of the most loved and hated ones in Yoga. It does not only build strong abdominal muscles that can help support your lower back, but at the same time working on your balance.

Benefits of Boat Pose

Strengthens abdominals, hip flexors, and spine

Stimulates kidneys, prostate, thyroid, and intestines

Relieves stress

Improves digestion

One should not practice boat pose if

pregnant, suffering from diarrhea, low blood pressure, neck issues, or injury.

Navasana – Half Boat Pose

Navasana –  Full Boat Pose

Ready, set, go!

Get your mat and let´s get started with todays lesson!