Welcome to the “Get ready for Surf” Yoga Course

I am delighted to welcome you to my 14 days Yoga for Surfers Course. The course is structured into 14 lessons. Throughout the course, we are targeting all important areas of the body and will get you fit and ready – mentally and physically – for your next Surf Holidays. During the videos, I will focus on alignment, clues, and the physical aspects. In the Workbook and in the course you will find more detailed information on why these yoga practices will help you immensely with your surf and mobility, as well as some pre-surf asanas for posture & position.

The e-Book connects the dots of Yoga and Surf and why they work together so well. Additionally, I will guide you through how you can set yourself an intention and write an affirmation. Setting these intentions aids your mental state for positive surf mindset. For efficiency, I advise for you to practice through Lessons 1 to 14 one after the other. For this way, you will work on a different body part every day. Day 7 and 14 are stretchy (Yin) Yoga sessions that will give you some rest from being active. You can of course, also complete the course gradually if this is what your body needs.

Once you figure out which part of your body you want to target more, you can always come back to a lesson and rechannel again. As the different videos will work on different aspects, you can not only choose what you want to work on more but also combine different videos if you feel like practicing even more.

I would highly recommend doing a session every day. Nevertheless, you can also combine the course with other sports and take longer – it is all up to you. At the end of the course, you will have more balance, focus, strength, and flexibility. You will be paddling strong and long, and nail that pop up to surf down the wave during your surf holidays!